Dear Friend,

My name is Lara Love, and I was lost and broken beyond human hope for decades.

My life has been devastatingly, gut-wrenchingly, and heartbreakingly hard.

Though my life is still hard, now I am filled with love, hope, peace, joy, passion, and purpose.

You can read my miraculous personal story along with a message of love & hope for the world at Lara Love Story.

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I am a 100% Jewish totally devoted follower of the Lord Jesus Christ on the road for Jesus with my special needs ministry dogs. I am called by God as a writer, evangelist, encourager, and prayer warrior.

For years prior I did dog rescue work.

Please read and watch the miraculous true story of my ministry co-founder Red the dog who was found near death and helped save the life of a homeless man in Red’s Story. You can also learn about my Ministry Dogs past and present.

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love & blessings,

lara love