An Invitation from Jesus

If Jesus Christ Himself came to your town for a visit in the next few days and planned to do some teaching, would you make plans to go to where He planned to teach to see what He had to say? So often the scriptures that seem so insignificant to me that I have a tendency to rush right on past in search of “more important” scriptures often are exactly what I cannot afford to miss. When chapter 8 of the Book of John opens, it appears that the second verse is merely a description of Jesus’ whereabouts that will set the stage for whatever Jesus has to say. But if you slow down and give some thought to this verse, you might find yourself either entirely inspired – or convicted – or perhaps both.

“And early in the morning He came again into the temple, and all the people came unto Him; and He sat down, and taught them.” 

Just setting the stage? Not so. Consider what is happening here, and think about yourself when you do. When the people learn that Jesus is coming to teach, what do they do? They come to Him. Why? Because Jesus is going to sit down and teach them. How can they learn from Jesus if they don’t make it a priority in their lives to come to Him to learn? What do they do? They make it a priority to drop whatever else they are doing and to go to Jesus so He can teach them. What then is the application of this scripture in your own life, you may wonder.

Jesus might not be coming to your town today to teach, but He teaches us in God’s Word, the Bible. So here is the question. Have you made it a priority in your own life on a daily basis to come to the Lord to spend time with Him in prayer and to open the Bible and let Him teach you? Do you do what these people do in the scripture and come to Jesus because you know He wants to teach you? Are you teachable? Do you study God’s Word and apply it to your life?

You don’t need Jesus Christ to come to your town today to visit your local church so you can learn from Him. God gave us His Word to teach us, to help us to learn to walk in His ways, to renew our minds and to transform our lives.

Is it time to lay aside all the busyness in your life and to make the Lord your priority? Is it time to rearrange your schedule so the Lord and the Bible are number one instead of way down on your priority list if they are there at all.

I don’t know about you, but I find myself constantly distracted and tempted to get my priorities out of whack. The seemingly insignificant second verse of chapter 8 of the Book of John in the Bible is a wonderful reminder that we need to do what the people described in the verse have done.

We need to come to the Lord, open the Word, and sit at the feet of Jesus as we learn all that He has to teach us. 

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