Please find below my books which are available for a donation or for free via email PDF file. Please call me at 843-338-2219 or email me at to order books. Donations help further my life’s calling to help people worldwide to find and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Receipts are available on request. Donations may be made when you click here via check to Good News Ministry, PO M2, 3715 Argent Blvd, Ridgeland, SC 29936. Please let me know which titles & how many copies you would like!

TOTALLY DEVOTED: a daily devotional from the heart of lara love

Love, hope, & encouragement to help you be a sold out Jesus follower each and every day & forever! 

Are you TOTALLY DEVOTED to the Lord Jesus Christ? I sure wasn’t! I believed in Him as Lord for a good long time while I played little lord over my little life. I lived for myself not for Jesus as we are called to do. But the Lord didn’t leave me where I was. He brought me to where I am today. TOTALLY DEVOTED to Jesus! I wouldn’t go back for anything in the world. There is nothing more wonderful, beautiful, exhilerating, exciting, adventuresome, fulfilling, joyful, humbling, and amazing than the Lord, having a forever intimate and personal relationship with Him, and living TOTALLY DEVOTED to Him. But it’s not easy in today’s world in which so much of this world has its back turned against Jesus to live the way the Lord calls us to live. Totally sold out to Him. Forsaking all for Him. Living according to His ways not the world’s ways. Inside this book you will find love, hope, joy, encouragement, and support from my heart to yours to help you be TOTALLY DEVOTED to the Lord!

*** SPECIAL NOTE / TRAGEDY *** I had no idea when the Lord placed on my heart the cover for my latest book TOTALLY DEVOTED which He compelled me to finish and publish recently that I would tragically lose my beloved paralyzed streets ministry dog Mr. Simeon just days ago whom I loved beyond measure. My book is now available for a suggested donation of $20 or more for those led to give to the ministry in his memory and to help me to fulfill my life’s calling to help people worldwide to find and forever faithfully follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Please contact me at 843-338-2219 or to place orders. Please keep me in your prayers. This is a hard, hard time, but the Lord is carrying me & my trust is in Him….love & blessings, lara (October 6, 2020)

365 BLESSINGS: a devotional from the heart of lara love

Blessings, blessings, blessings! Please open wide your eyes and heart as you read this book to the 365 blessings the Lord placed on my heart to share with you found in His glorious Word, the Bible. A little devotional with big heart, tons of encouragement, and jam-packed with Bible verses to encourage you to be thankful to the Lord, for the Lord, for the Bible, and for the messages contained within His Word.

follower book cover 3dFOLLOWER: a devotional from the heart of lara love          

A devotional from my heart to yours jam-packed with love, hope, encouragement, joy, inspiration, and Bible truth to help people lovingly, humbly, faithfully, and devotedly follow the Lord Jesus Christ. I love, love, love to help the Lord’s sheep follow the Good Shepherd! Thank you for the blessing, honor, and privilege of sharing these messages with you!
PIECES FROM MY HEART: Faith, hope, love & inspiration for your journey     

We are living in troubled times, aren’t we? Who couldn’t use a little faith, hope, love, and inspiration along the way? Join me as I share with you selections from my Daily Inspiration (loving & encouraging messages I send via email to those who sign up now called Good News Daily). Be prepared to laugh, cry, be encouraged, be challenged, to grow, and to be inspired! Don’t be surprised if as you read through this book you find yourself with a new outlook on your journey – one of hope, strength, renewal, thanksgiving, and, most importantly, true devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ! THIS BOOK IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. Please contact me if you would like to get a copy if it becomes available again!

THE HOMELESS DREAM: a little book with a big & powerful message!    

Sometimes really big messages come in super small packages. Once upon a time there was a homeless dream who desperately needed a home. If you have ever wondered what your purpose is in life, or struggled to find out if there is more to life than the way you have been living it, or been discouraged about how meaningless your life seems to be at times, or simply needed encouragement to press forward with your life’s purpose, this little fiction story may be just for you. THIS BOOK IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN BOOK FORM. Please contact me if you would like to get a copy if the book becomes available again. The book is also available in pocket-sized booklet form for individual use or for distribution to others. Please contact me if you would like a copy/copies in booklet form!

THE GREATEST LESSON OF ALL: Answering God’s Call     

So you’ve wanted to know God’s purpose for your life for as long as you can remember. Or maybe you’re already living it. So how do you answer God’s call? Do you take the call? Screen it? Avoid it? Tell Him you’ll take the call later? Run the other way? No matter His purpose for you, no matter the call, no matter the response, don’t miss THE GREATEST LESSON OF ALL. Please join me as I dive deep into the book of Jonah in the Bible as I share with you what the Lord placed on my heart concerning the trials and triumphs of answering God’s call. THIS BOOK IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. Please contact me if you would like to get a copy if it becomes available again!

SIMPLE JOY: a shabby chick Christian’s inspiration for a joy-full life!                 

An upbeat, off-the-beaten-track, wildly different, everything-but-run-of-the-mill, delightfully hilarious, and totally encouraging INSPIRATIONAL little book by the free-roaming, free-range, faith-without-frills, Shabby Chick Christian (Jewish follower of the Lord Jesus Christ to be precise!) director of Good News Ministry (formerly Walk by Faith Ministry), Lara Love. That’s me! Be inspired. Be encouraged. Get ready for some serious JOY! Your life may never be the same. THIS BOOK IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, BUT PLEASE GET IN TOUCH IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GETTING A COPY IF IT BECOMES AVAILABLE AGAIN!SLOW DANCE WITH JESUS:  Inspiration for intimacy with the Lord

I cordially invite you to Slow Dance with Jesus. I took a long, hard, broken road to get to the dance. But this is not my story. It is inspiration for yours. It is an invitation, and encouragement, to enter into a deeply personal, passionate, intimate relationship with the Lord that is uniquely yours and His. I spent years seeking love, acceptance, comfort, validation, significance, purpose, hope, refuge, safety, and protection in a slow dance with a man. I came away empty. Now I dance in the arms of the Lord. THIS BOOK IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. Please get in touch if you would like to get a copy if the book becomes available again!

I encourage you to look around my Good News Ministry website to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ and how to have a forever relationship with Him, to read my personal story, to receive loads of love and encouragement in believing in and following the Lord, to meet my handicapped ministry dogs, to see my free pocket-sized tracts and devotionals for distribution, and to learn about my free pocket-sized lara love’s Good News Magazine for distribution to prisons including death row, homeless shelters, jails, rescue missions, a Christian pregnancy center, a Christian medical clinic, other institutions, street preachers, and wherever and to whomever the Lord desires! 

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