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Best Free Beauty Makeover Tip Ever

The last place you may look to find the best free beauty makeover tip ever is in the Bible, but have you ever considered what God has to say about beauty? This Video Devotional may lead you to reconsider how you thin about beauty, and how you live your life. More Video Devotionals from Lara Love & Walk by Faith Ministry can be found at CLICK HERE.

Flying Noodles & Faith

Flying noodles & faith. Be encouraged in Lara Love’s latest Video Devotional in this funny yet entirely serious look at the trying of our faith.

God Wants Our Hearts

God wants our hearts. The last thing I expected at the end of a “bad” day was for the Lord to lead me to be utterly transparent in my second Video Devotional about my struggle as so many of us have with wondering if we have let God down in some way. Have we? Or is it possible we need a deeper and clearer understanding of what God really wants? God wants our hearts. In this Video Devotional, I talk about different people in the Bible who were honored by…

A Warning to the World

A WARNING TO THE WORLD. A truly life-changing message for those willing to hear – and do. This is truly a warning to the world. We need to listen. We need to hear. We need to obey. The Bible is full of warnings from beginning to end. We cannot say we have not been warned. I hope this Video Devotional called “A Warning to the World” goes out far and wide to lost sheep everywhere, as well as to those who believe they are already in the fold of God…

Best Message in the Universe

There is no more important message in the universe than this one. You can watch it in just under 13 minutes. Less than 13 minutes, and your life might just never be the same. Forever.


my beloved dog Red, ministry co-founder, went to heavendays ago. please help me share this life-changing videowith the world. please pass it along or point people here….Please visit Walk by Faith Ministry at

Paralyzed Doggies on WALK BY FAITH

Please join me (Miss Mommie), Mr. Simeon, and Miss Mercy on our morning walk. I used to take Mr. Simeon and Miss Mercy separately (a little easier!), but this husband-wife paralyzed doggie team enjoy competing with one another. It’a a lot more enjoyable (for them) and entertaining (for me) – albeit a bit harder to keep up with them! A great reminder to ENJOY all the blessings God’s given us – despite our challenges along the way………..Please visit Walk by Faith Ministry at


Joyful SPRING VIDEO TOUR of Lara Love’s and Walk by Faith Ministry’s very special property, DOGGIES & more – with the scoop on the ministry’s MISSION for CHRIST!!!!!Please visit Walk by Faith Ministry at

Some Very Special Kids……….

As the year draws to a close, and the Lord has put on my heart “new beginnings”, He is drawing me forth it appears into a new chapter in my life – including getting to minister His love to some very special children…….both human & canine. Featured in this little slideshow are a little group of kids I met at an outreach for the homeless & others in extreme need – as well as three very special paralyzed dogs. His mercy truly never runs out, and His love truly never…

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