Co-Laborer Kim Davis

The Lord after for a few years I had gone pretty much alone with Him in ministry has blessed me literally beyond measure with a humble, godly, beautiful inside and out woman of Christ to walk alongside me as sister in the Lord, as dear friend, and as co-laborer in the Lord’s work.

kim davis 2

Many years ago, when I was deeply immersed in what would become about 20 years of dog rescue work, I met a precious family who felt strongly led to adopt from me a dog that nobody else in the world had any desire to adopt. Ruby. Ruby, a red boned coon-hound, a likely former hunting dog, was shy, very beautiful, but so independent and aloof when it came to people probably because she had never been loved that people never seemed to take interest in her. Not until the Davis family came along, with their two lovely daughters, and fell in love with Ruby. They adopted her, and, years later, I felt led to get in touch with the family about if I recall correctly another dog in need who reminded me of Ruby.

Ruby by then had sadly passed away after many wonderful years with the family, but the Lord used Ruby as the connection between Kim Davis and myself. He ended up blessing us with a beautiful friendship, and is teaching us day by day to walk alongside each other to encourage each other in our relationships with God. And, when Kim saw my extreme need for help with the ministry, she humbly and blessedly stepped in.

Some time later now, Kim has completely taken over the printing, cutting, folding, and stapling and shipping of Gospel tracts and devotionals that go into homeless shelters, prisons, and around the country upon request by churches, ministries, groups, individuals, wherever the Lord leads for them to go. She also takes on administrative work at times. She never complains about the mundane tasks, and is able to get done in very short periods of time what for me used to be a great burden. She truly has by God’s grace in His strength taken an enormous burden off my shoulders.

As much as I could never thank her enough for her faithful work in serving God through this little ministry, my greatest thanksgiving to God for her is in how she walks alongside me in my walk with the Lord. What began with my encouraging her some years ago to move from being merely a believer in Christ to a full-fledged follower, and trying to help her to do so, turned around. Over time, as Kim has grown in her relationship with the Lord, blossoming like the most beautiful flower, she who was once shy and hesitant and timid has so hungrily fed on the Word of God, diligently taking time with Him daily, devotedly learning to follow Him, has turned the boldness and courage and extreme love I used to pray for her to have and used it to help and encourage others – me so very much included!

In her devotion to the Lord, to His Word, to her family, and to her ministry work, Kim keeps growing – and keeps walking alongside me, sowing into my life love, prayers, and scriptures, and laboring physically with the work that had become too much for me, freeing me up for streets ministry and writing.

Kim, located in Virginia, while I as of May 2018 am for a season doing streets ministry in New York City as I went out on the road for the Lord and ministry from location to location beginning in April 2017, has set up in her home now a mini print shop to serve the Lord, and we keep closely in touch as we together learn day by day what it truly means to lovingly, humbly, devotedly follow the Lord Jesus Christ – in love, and in service, to God be all glory!

I thank God for sweet Kim, and I believe we can both say we thank God for how He has woven us together to love and worship and serve Him and to grow in His image and to bring glory to His name!