Here we go again. Another message I believe the Lord has placed in my heart. Is it for you? 

You are upset because you do not do as I ask. What I ask is that you come to me and spend time with me and reflect on what I have done in your life and live from a place of knowing who I am. Instead, you seek to fulfill what you believe I have asked you to do by living in your flesh and trying to accomplish things through yourself rather than through me.

What you miss is that my relationship with you is what I desire for you to have, and this relationship that we share is the place from which I want you to begin to see that life is to be lived by being still and knowing that I am God. Do you see? You have circumvented your time with me only to find that missing this time together has kept you from doing what you desire to do. But what I need you to see is that when I ask you to seek me first, it is not only for myself. It is also for you. It is for both of us, in fact, as well as for those around you.

Our relationship needs to be the starting place, but today you have allowed it to be the end place yet again. The day is not over yet. You still have the opportunity to come back to me, to rest in me, to learn of me, to be still and know truly that I am God of the universe. My child, reflect on this. I love you. You don’t need to accomplish anything at all to please me. Faith is what pleases me. And, as I have told you before, I desire to accomplish my will through you.

Your job is not to accomplish things on your own and run back and forth between me and your life like an errand boy. This is not how I see you. You are my child. Do you understand? We have a relationship, and you have asked me to become more intimate with you. You seek deeper intimacy, do you not? Well, this is how I want you to begin.

Look to me, enjoy the peace and promise of my life for you, and rest. Tomorrow, we will begin again. And, when we do, remember this. I am the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end. And all the way in between. Let’s walk through your days together, you and I. Together, dear one. You, my child, need to learn how to walk with me, not darting off to the world and coming back again.

Stay with me. I love you that much. Do you see that smile on your face now? I have placed it there with my love for you. Honor me. By loving me. And bless me by receiving what I have for you. Beginning with this. My love. Rest now. 

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