Your Insignificance

Do you realize your insignificance in the eyes of the world may be your significance in the eyes of the Lord? For so long I have been caught up in the standards and expectations of the world, always falling short.
Just recently, I found myself declaring to God that my heart was heavy with believing that what he has called me to do with the life he has given me is simply not important. He corrected me quickly. He reminded me that no matter what he gives me to do, it is important simply because he called me to do it.

So, you see, my significance is not contingent on the ways of this world. My significance is contingent on the lord. No matter how big or little the things are that he calls me, or you, to do, they are important simply because he is lord. 

As for my importance, and yours, our identity in the eyes of the world will always fall short. But through the eyes of the lord, we are his. How much more important can our significance be than to be children of the lord most high through faith in Jesus Christ! 

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