Dog Videos

Please enjoy the following videos of Walk by Faith Ministry’s very special dogs, past and present.

The true story of a broken woman, a homeless dog, a homeless man, an awesome God, and a world in need! Dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, and in loving memory of Red, who left my side in September 2013 but will forever remain in my heart.

A very special video about some very special doggies – and the ministry! 

A visit to the beach for some beach ministry!!!!!!

My very special office………….and office mates!!!

Nothing like very special, special needs dogs………

VIDEO of Lara Love and Walk by Faith Ministry in the early days of the ministry…

Esther needs a Safe & Loving Home!!!!!!

Joyful SPRING 2013 VIDEO TOUR of Lara Love’s and Walk by Faith Ministry’s very special property, DOGGIES & more – with the scoop on the ministry’s MISSION for CHRIST!!!!!

 Little Miss Miracles joins the ranks of Walk by Faith Ministry….

A very special welcome to Mr. Simeon, one of Walk by Faith Ministry’s very special PARALYZED dogs.

Meet some of the very special dogs of Walk by Faith Ministry

Paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon on a very special mission….

A look inside my heart and home….So Many Blessings

 Goodbye my Sweet Beckles with Speckles….

 A Doggone Faith Lesson on Love and Unity…

Lara shares a very precious and special surprise – in her bathroom!

Three Special Needs Dogs Visit the Beach

The following is Faith’s story. Faith was rescued by Lara before Walk by Faith Ministry was birthed, but you can easily see by watching both short videos (one video follows the other) how the Lord was already at work at creating the ministry.

A Snuggly, Sleepy Day for the Walk by Faith Ministry Dogs!


Dog Pile Up…..