Walk by Faith Ministry’s mission to share the Gospel while ministering the Lord’s love to a world in need includes believe it or not providing sanctuary-style care to a very special canine crew of 17 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs. To learn about the very special little “sanctuary,” please continue reading. If you want to jump right into “meeting” the dogs, please CLICK HERE.

Walk by Faith Ministry’s “canine kids” include:

* 2 paralyzed dogs (2 hit by cars)
* 1 two-footed dog (said to be run over by a train)
* 1 three-legged dog (jumped off or fell off his rescuer’s pickup truck)
* a 2nd three-legged dog (found living under an abandoned shack in rural GA with a seeming leg injury that turned out to be bone cancer; leg amputated)
* 1 disabled, severely neglected 10-pound senior dog (her front feet cross over to walk)
* 1 dog with a broken leg and limp (hit by 2 cars on the same day)
* 1 dog missing toes (had degloved toes possibly chewed or caught in a trap)
* 1 senior dog with a double hernia being monitored
* 1 one-eyed blind dog turned into a shelter severely neglected with a litter of dead pups
* 1 15.5 year old rescued from living in a garage
* a whole bunch of other senior dogs enjoying their new lives
* 1 dog found underweight wandering around at a hunting club.
A Saturday morning of ministry on the beach with a heart wide open to opportunities
to share the Gospel and minister God’s love to whomever the Lord desires…..!!

paralyzed dogs Mr. Simeon, Miss Mercy,
and their mommie enjoying the beach!!!



Walk by Faith Ministry was birthed through the amazing true story of a HOMELESS DOG (my beloved co-founder Red), A HOMELESS MAN, A BROKEN WOMAN (me), AN AWESOME GOD, and a WORLD IN NEED. To read this true testimony and to see a very special video of it, please CLICK HERE.

While God birthed the ministry through a homeless dog, a homeless man, and myself, and while for many years I worked hard to help rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs in need, I found over and again that God was using the dogs to bring me into the lives of people who needed to hear about Jesus Christ, who needed love, prayer, and encouragement, who needed help with the Bible, etc.

Little did I know in those years of dog rescue that I was headed into full-time ministry. Considering I had grown up in a Jewish family that didn’t believe in God, that I neglected my childhood dog and was not a dog lover, and that I had never been trained in evangelism, I could not have been more surprised to find that I had been given the heart of an evangelist.

Repeatedly, I would find myself in people’s yards, in their homes, on the phone with them, and e-mailing them with the supposed purpose of providing help for dogs in need only to hear myself unexpectedly talking about the Lord and the Bible. Like Jeremiah the prophet in the Old Testament of the Bible, I was to come to discover that my calling and purpose to proclaim the Lord was, and is, literally like a fire in my bones Jeremiah 20:9) that I simply could not, and cannot, contain.

My precious Jake whom I had in my life for over a decade before he took off for heaven.
I found him like this with his nose on my Bible.
The scripture beneath his nose is “Enter into the joy of the master.” Matthew 25:21

When it was abundantly clear that the full-time ministry God had called me into would consume so much of my heart and time, I prayed – and begged – God to provide adoptive homes for most of the dogs to lessen my burden and stress and to allow me to focus on sharing the Gospel, preaching, writing and publishing, streets ministry and outreach, and one-on-one discipleship. With a bare-bones budget, no staff, and no regular volunteers, I couldn’t conceive of how I would run the ministry and take care of the numerous dogs and all their needs without burning out.

But no matter how much I cried out to the Lord to provide adoptive homes for the dogs, and no matter how many times I did in fact burn out for periods of time, He would not answer my cries. After a long and very trying period of time during which I could not fathom why God would not at the very least explain to me why He was not providing the adoptive homes for the dogs I so desperately wanted, He revealed to me the role He had designed for the dogs to play in my life and in the ministry. I was shocked to find eight concrete reasons why God had brought these precious dogs into my life and to be part of the ministry.


1. For years, God has used the dogs to bring me into the lives of people who need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who need help understanding the Bible and applying it to their lives, who need prayer, and who need love.

Senior, 10 pound, severely neglected and disabled dog
Little Miss Miracle snuggled in my clean laundry on my bed

2. God has for years used the dogs to grow me and refine me by showing me where I fall short in caring for them and by teaching me over time to live according to His ways rather than my own. Love. Patience. Compassion. Kindness. Gentleness. Etc.

3. God has taught me endless lessons as I watch the dogs in their daily lives. Learning to trust. Leaning to play. Not complaining about disabilities. Endurance. Perseverance. Trusting in the provider. Love. Forgiveness. Etc.

4. The Lord has used me to provide love and care for a group of dogs that would most likely have been euthanized because of their disabilities and due to shelter overcrowding.

5. God has used the dogs to bless people with their contagious love and joy and incredibly positive attitudes despite their obvious limitations due to disability.

Paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon wearing his mom’s hat…..

6. God has used the dogs to provide me with a lifestyle whereby in being available to provide for them, I have a flexible lifestyle that enables me to do some of my ministry work like my writing from home and to have the complete flexibility to go out whenever He sends me to do streets ministry and outreach, and discipleship.

7. God has provided some of the financial support for the ministry through people who have been led to make donations and/or to be monthly sponsors for the dogs which has allowed me to do the ministry work I am called to do.

8. Despite the work of caring for the dogs seven days a week, which can certainly be a challenge at times in multiple ways, God has used the dogs to bless me with canine companionship, love and laughter, nurture and walking buddies, entertainment and inspiration, and joy.

Three-legged Traveler and his lookalike sibling (not related!) Abigail
enjoying hanging out on Hilton Head Island’s Folly Field beach


Some people call me an angel for working with paralyzed, disabled, blind, deaf, and dying dogs. I am no angel. God gets every ounce of glory. Without Him, I am nothing. With Him, anything is possible. And rest assured staying on top of the care of all the dogs while managing the rest of the ministry requires the love and strength the Lord gives me daily to do the work He has called me to do. I fall short every single day of my life. At times, I have wondered if I should care for these dogs at all given how far I have fallen. But the Lord offers me His endless mercy when I repent, which I do daily as I constantly search and purify my heart by humbling myself, confessing my sins and seeking His forgiveness. He encourages me on, ever reminding me to place my trust in Him as He teaches me to leave behind the ways of this world and to live according to His ways – in love, with mercy and compassion and so very much more!

Paralyzed Miss Mercy (front) and two-footed Winnie (back)
enjoying one of our beach visits



The Lord has provided a magnificent private property as my residence, ministry office, and sanctuary-style setting for the dogs.Located in the coastal South Carolina area just outside of Hilton Head Island, the property includes a small home; a one-car garage building on another end of the property with heat, fans, and AC if desired; and a 3,000 square foot warehouse building used for storage as well as an indoor hang-out area for the dogs; four fenced dog yards; and plenty of sunshine, grass, shade, trees, love, and adventure.Forty-five minutes away is the beautiful beach, which is a wonderful treat for the more active dogs – including wheelchair dogs Miss Mercy, Mr. Simeon and occasionally Winnie (who doesn’t prefer her wheelchair). Of course, the beach is also the perfect getaway for those days when I feel the need for a little escape from the dogs.

To learn more about each of the 17 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs of Walk by Faith Ministry, please click HERE.
If you are interested in the possibility of fostering or adopting any of the dogs, please click HERE.
Or, if you might like to sponsor any or all of the dogs, please click HERE.
To make a donation, you can CLICK HERE.