Ministry Special Needs Service Dogs

As of April 2017, I am on the road for Jesus full-time with a very special little group of sweet beloved precious paralyzed, disabled and senior rescued dogs whom the Lord uses to grow me in His image, to introduce me to people to whom I am blessed to share the Gospel and to minister, to keep me company, and who in the process of it all are thoroughly enjoying their miraculous lives.

After 20 years of dog rescue, and after nearly 7 years of having a sanctuary-style setting for up to 19 dogs at a time at the home where I lived in coastal South Carolina, I packed up my very old car with my Bible, laptop computer, a few personal belongings, the ministry’s little crew of special needs dogs and their belongings, and hit the road for the adventure of my life for Christ.

Here are a few photos of my last 4 special needs ministry service dogs who remain with me on the road for Jesus. We usually stay in hotels, and the Lord has blessed us with a warm welcome at the hotels and a cozy comfy hotel ministry life together! I am so sad to say that little Glory who had no eyes and was one of the sweetest doggies ever passed away while we were in Virginia, while my beloved 15-year-old long-time ministry doggy Dancer passed away just days after arriving in New Jersey.

Paralyzed dogs Mr. Simeon (about 11 years old) and Miss Mercy (7 years old) hit by vehicles years ago separately before the Lord brought them to me to be a part of the ministry. Mr. Simeon was left in the road by a hit-and-run driver and found by a young woman who initially thought he was dead.

Miss Mercy was hit by a car and brought to a shelter where she faced probable euthanization. Both dogs also some years later had life-threatening medical problems. The Lord has given them multiple miracles, and they thoroughly enjoy their streets ministry work around the United States!

15-year-old dancing dog DANCER found on a short chain without food or water years ago and brought to a shelter where he faced almost certain euthanization but for the grace of God. He dances a bit less in his very old age but hasn’t given up on his dancing career completely…! PLEASE NOTE THAT MY DEAR DANCER PASSED AWAY IN MAY ALMOST AS SOON AS WE ARRIVED IN NEW JERSEY. A DOG I MISS SO VERY MUCH!

14-year-old Abigail who was “traded” for another dog when a friend many years ago felt she would be a better fit for me and vice versa with the other sweet dog. I ended up with both dogs! Abigail who has slowed down greatly has a bone spur in her pelvic area along with seeming hip and back problems and two tumors which so far appear to be benign. She still loves the outdoors in spite of her challenges!

Gracie (about 7) was dumped at a gas station, hit by 2 cars on the same day, and refused to be rescued for 6 weeks so her broken bone was set in place by the time she was rescued. I found about her when I stopped at the gas station on my way to picking up paralyzed Miss Mercy from the shelter. She walks funny and is super shy but thoroughly enjoys her life particularly being the little sister and buddy to Abigail. She, like Abigail, has slowed down but still enjoys her little ministry life with Mommy & her siblings & loves her walks with Mommy & Abigail.