Please find just below Miss Mercy’s miraculous story. But if you are not led to read the full story, please simply consider a DONATION. Miss Mercy, a long-time beautiful blessing in my life and ministry, has very big medical needs right now and needs a MIRACLE – and donations! Thank you for your consideration!


Miss Mercy (the smaller dog in the photo) was likely hit by a truck about 12 years ago before coming into my life, came under the wings of my ministry, has been used by God for years to connect me to people to pray for, share the Gospel with, give my Gospel tracts to, minister to, help and encourage, and has been a beloved part of my little special needs dog family on the road for Jesus and ministry.

Miss Mercy with her special needs ministry dog sister Grace!

Miss Mercy nearly died about a year or so after coming into my care when it was discovered her spleen had split into two when hit likely by a truck, and she then had a splenic torsion. The ER vet did not feel she would make it through surgery. God told me to keep her alive, and she pressed on for years to come in the Lord’s work with me. Even when I lost her best buddy paralyzed Mr. Simeon (bigger dog in the photo), and was devastated beyond measure, Miss Mercy kept right on enjoying her streets, beach, and hotel ministry work. More people than imaginable have heard about Jesus and been ministered to through her sweet loving friendly outgoing nature.

Miss Mercy with me (Mommy)!

She had another major surgery along the way after ingesting something. God saved her life then as well.

Now about 13 years old, with just me and ministry dog Gracie remaining after losing and adopting out numerous dogs along the way of decades of extreme dog rescue work, she loves her little life with me and Gracie who was abandoned at a gas station where she was hit by two cars on the same day.

Currently, Miss Mercy is in pain (related to age & years in the wheelchair and how she “walks” without it, having trouble walking in her wheelchair, is having trouble keeping her weight up (but eating plenty so I’m adding more food!!!), has an extreme urinary tract infection (typical of paralyzed dogs), an extreme skin infection around her rear after years of incontinence and diaper changings (related to paralysis), and is lethargic (who doesn’t love a good nap? she is older now!) and in great need of another miracle.

She has begun testing and will return to the vet for bloodwork and then again to the vet for surgery (with sedation not general anesthesia) to remove the skin infection and biopsy what is removed.

I have learned over the years how to care for dogs in extreme need. God has blessed me with wonderful vets. And lots and lots of knowledge on special needs dogs care and medications and testing and such.

If God gives Miss Mercy another miracle, I would be thankful beyond measure. Regardless, I praise the Lord for putting such a phenomenal dog into my life and for the way He has used her and me and the others to bring glory to His name.

When I first took Miss Mercy to several vets shortly after I picked her up from the animal shelter where she was brought after her accident that left her paralyzed, several vets told me to euthanize her.

I obeyed God instead. God knew what He would do over the years. And I praise the Lord for all His endless blessings including my sweet Miss Mercy whom He has used to bless countless people. And, yes, she absolutely loves all the love and attention!

In recent years, my ministry has received very little financial support. Donations have been very minimal. In fact, I am on the verge of asking for donations for the ministry as a whole related to an upcoming very exciting anniversary. But for the time being, it is my great hope that some huge hearted people will step forward and donate for the care of my beautiful ministry dog Miss Mercy!

Good News Ministry is a 501c3 non profit organization, and receipts for tax purposes can be provided upon request.

Thank you!