Don’t Hold Back



“But he  [Jesus]  said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep [obey per Strong’s concordance]it.” Luke 11:28 words in brackets added

Still groggy from a much needed nap, I knelt briefly on the cool swimming pool-blue colored, epoxy-stained floor of my prayer room in a few words of worship to the Lord, thanking Him for a beautiful day thus far following a few days that weren’t some of my favorites. He had used a trio of sisters in the Lord to minister to me His love and words of prayer and encouragement the day before to pull me up out of where I had slipped back some into a little pit and had led me gently and mercifully into a new day. I listened with my heart for His voice to see if He had anything to say. God always and only speaks in line with His Word, and I am careful to stay diligently in daily study of His Word and to make sure what I believe I hear from Him lines up with His Word. He never speaks against it.

“Tread without holding yourself back from where I am taking you,” His Holy Spirit spoke softly into my heart. I knew immediately the words were from Him. He had been moving in my heart in the past 24 hours about the subject of walking with Him, of being more sensitive to His Spirit speaking to my heart so I could more diligently follow His lead. What exactly was He saying to me in the words He spoke to my heart?

Merriam-Webster dictionary online includes in its definition of tread, “…to step or walk on or over,” “to walk or proceed along,” and “follow”. What do all three imply? MOTION. MOVEMENT. MOVING FORWARD. What was God telling me? NOT to hold back when He leads me forward. In plain English. Don’t resist Him. Don’t debate. Don’t argue. Don’t defer. Don’t question Him. Don’t refuse because my flesh is uncomfortable. Don’t disobey. Don’t hold back cowering in fear. Don’t rebel. When He leads, move. He had recently convicted me of hiding in one big area of my life, and He had called me out of hiding. I had a long history of resisting and debating even when I ultimately obeyed.

He was reminding me the obedience He desires involves yielding utterly to Him whether He tells me to stand still – or to walk forward as He was telling me now. The message I heard that day? Don’t resist the Lord! Following Jesus isn’t about living our lives for ourselves making decisions based on our self-centered flesh. It’s about living for God led by His Spirit in His strength through His Word for His glory. Without holding back. Without resistance. Instead, yielding to Jesus because He is Lord! Is there something you believe God has been leading you to do that you have been resisting? Seek the Lord’s face. Pray. Study His Word. Listen. Obey. Tread without holding back from where He is taking you. Follow Jesus – forever!

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