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If you knew the heights and depths of my love for the Lord Jesus Christ, my love for people and relentless passion to tell people about Him and to help them find and forever faithfully follow Him, you would understand why this is not your typical bookstore. All of the books I have written, whether the ones below, any I am currently working on, past ones not currently available, along with my Gospel tracts and devotionals and devotional magazines and online Good News Daily, are FREE as the Lord leads and provides. The books are FREE via PDF file sent via email. The currently available ones can also be ordered on Amazon for a very low price that mostly goes to Amazon to cover the cost of printing. Donations are very much appreciated!

Please call me at 843-338-2219 or e-mail me at to learn more, and please learn about the books below.

Please contact me to learn about books I have written and published in the past that are not currently available.

365 Blessings is a devotional from the heart of Lara written to help people to be thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible, the scriptures included in the book, and the messages the Lord teaches us through these scriptures.

follower book cover 3dFOLLOWER: A DEVOTIONAL FROM THE HEART OF LARA LOVE          

A devotional straight from the heart of Lara Love jam packed with love, encouragement, inspiration, and sound Biblical Truth to help the Lord’s sheep live in full devotion to Him forevermore. Utterly convicting, power-packed with Scriptures, Follower serves as an impetus and incentive, a virtual cheerleader and a reminder to help readers to not just set apart time for the Lord each day, but to set apart their lives for Him in making and maintaining a life-long commitment to following the Great Shepherd each and every breath. Lara loves to help sheep follow their Shepherd. This devotional will help you do just that!