Devotionals & Tracts


One of my numerous blessings in serving the Lord is writing, publishing, and distributing Gospel tracts, devotionals, Faithful Magazine, and books. The tracts and devotionals include my Finding the Light tract which includes my personal story, Faithful Magazine which you can see HERE which is usually a mini version of my DAILY INSPIRATION online plus sometimes a personal little letter, my FREEDOM DEVOTIONAL MAGAZINE for people in prison, my A HEART FOR THE HOMELESS DEVOTIONAL MAGAZINE for people who are homeless, living in rescue missions, homeless shelters, on the streets, in tent cities, in the woods, etc. & transients too, my Greatest Love Ever Gospel message tract, & a series of tracts & devotionals that are themed and always include the Gospel message.
finding the light gospel tracts photo

Please feel free to contact me at 843-338-2219 or to order a sample pack of tracts and devotionals and Faithful Magazine. Tracts and devotionals are FREE, though donations are very welcome to help with publishing and distribution! THANK YOU!

greatest love ever

running from the hurt - gospel tract cover