Free Devotionals

Interested in receiving and distributing my devotionals and Gospel tracts? They are all free as the Lord leads & provides, though donations and monthly sponsors are most assuredly welcome as the Lord continues to beautifully and blessedly grow my ministry for Him!

I have available my main FINDING THE LIGHT Gospel tract which includes my personal story along with a growing list of tracts and devotionals. You are welcome to scroll down this page to see some of the titles. And please feel free to contact me at 843-338-2219 or to learn more!

Please note the list of tracts and devotionals is ever-growing! I have a list of prisons, homeless shelters, outreaches, etc. that receive a certain number each time a new publication comes out I am led to send them. And some people and institutions request certain ones at certain times. It’s all in the hands of the Lord for the glory of the Lord, and I am humbled, blessed, and privileged to send them out as He so leads me!