Gimme a Brake!

Sometimes I need a break. Sometimes I need a brake. Sometimes I need a break and a brake. Have you ever headed down the wrong road and needed a break? Better yet, have you ever headed in the wrong direction and needed to put your foot on the brake? I have a tendency when I realize I am going the wrong way to turn around and go full speed ahead. I don’t always need a break in this case, but it is a good idea to give myself a brake.

When I get lost, I have a bad habit of becoming afraid and rushing around, frantically, to find my destination. Rather than pull over on the side of the road, pray, look at a map (which I do not own), ask for directions, get my bearings, and take a deep breath before I hopefully head in the right direction, I have developed a pattern that I do not recommend. I just keep going, becoming increasingly lost, increasingly frustrated, increasingly afraid, and further and further away from where I planned to go.

A friend reminded me recently that people in the Old Testament of the Bible who acted “presumptuously” ended up in deep trouble. Their “presumptuous” actions were to act before the Lord gave them directions and before it was God’s time. I have done the exact same thing far too many times.

Gimme a brake. If I am headed in the wrong direction, I have a choice. The best thing I could possibly do is to give myself a brake. A break may be a big help, also, but first I need to put my foot on the brake. I need to STOP, pull over, pray, read my map (the Bible!), ask for directions, and, yes, follow them. And, yes, I need to BREATHE.

My only other option is to keep my foot on the gas and find myself where I have landed more oftentimes than not – in the wrong place, at the wrong time, for the wrong reason, with the wrong outcome.

Gimme a brake. Give yourself one also. Not just for yourself and for those around you. But, most importantly, for Him.

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