God’s Bucket List

What the heck is a bucket list? I wondered. Call me clueless, and that I am. I am so clueless about the things of this world, but so crazy for Christ. Suffice it to say that now I am educated enough to know what a bucket list is, I have this thought. Should we be living our lives with a list of our wants and desires with the goal to scratch each and every one of them off our list? Or, should we lay aside our bucket list and live our lives for the Lord?

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According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, a so-called bucket list is “a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying.” I readily confess that I spent most of my life thus far vehemently attached to my own wants, wishes, plans, agenda, and desires, much of which I held onto for dear life before I came to believe in the Lord. But I also readily admit that even once I came to believe in the Lord, I maintained my stranglehold on what I wanted. More accurately, in fact, I greatly increased my hold. Furthermore, I came to believe that now that I believed in God, I could wave my magic prayer wand so He could fulfill my every wish and meet my wants and desires. I might not have known what a bucket list was, but I most assuredly had great expectations of how God would help me achieve what I wanted.

That really is the nature of a bucket list, isn’t it? It’s about what we want. And it’s about our determination to get what we want. How exactly does God factor in, I wonder. What if God had a bucket list for our lives? Quite a concept, isn’t it? The idea that God has a plan for our lives, it seems, gets thrown to the wayside when it comes to bucket lists, doesn’t it? Now imagine this. What if we tossed aside our bucket lists and made God front and center of our lives where He belongs? What if we truly treated Him as Lord?

What if we lay down our wants and desires, and sacrificed our dreams, and instead sought His face daily and aspired to live the lives He created us to live? What if instead of drooling over our bucket lists and wondering when we will next get the chance to check off yet another item, we lives our lives with the greatest desire to love Him with all our hearts, to serve Him, and to please Him in all that we do? What if instead of keeping a bucket list to make sure we get to everything we want to do before we die, we would dedicate our lives instead to living for Him and strive in all that we do to bring Him glory?

Seriously, what if God really did have a bucket list for our lives? Where would we find the list? Where would we find His wants and desires? Where would we find His will for our lives? The answer for all of us? The Bible. The answer for each of us as individuals in whom He has placed individual gifts and created us each with a specific plan in mind? If we study His Word and develop a close relationship with Him and seek His face regularly, He will show us. And it is my belief that the fleeting satisfaction we find when we check another item off on our buckets lists will mean absolutely nothing compared with the fulfillment we find in knowing we have lived our lives for the glory of the Lord God almighty. 

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