God’s Good Work in You

     A beautiful friend who passed away but leaves behind a great legacy of love and kindness, of sweetness and her gorgeous, heartwarming smile, used to be a hairdresser. She told me that God working on us is like a hairdresser working on a client. She described how absolutely yucky and smelly and ugly the hair is in the process of having all the salon product stuff creating a gunky mess while the client sits in the chair waiting for the end result. How awful it all looks right in the middle of the process.

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     Looking at the hair with all the goo and smell makes it look altogether impossible that anything beautiful could ever come out of the mess. But alas, the client leaves the beauty salon with a wonderful new hairstyle. My friend helped me to see that in the midst of the gunk and the mess of our lives, when we face some of our greatest trials, or even the small ones, it can seem impossible that God can bring anything beautiful out of the inside of us.
     When everything seems messy and gunky, and hurts and challenges us, and seems totally impossible, how often we are tempted to give up and call it a day. It’s as though we go running out of the beauty shop before the hairdresser is through. But oh, if we would only persevere. If only we would cleave to the Lord, dive deep into His Word, hang onto Him with all our might, press ever deeper into the scriptures, cry out to Him with all our desperation, and hang in there with our hearts and eyes fastened on Him as best we possibly can – ever striving both to study His Word and to apply it to our lives. What beauty He can create in the midst of it all – if only we would hang on.

If you ever feel like God couldn’t possibly make something beautiful out of the mess you feel like your life is in, don’t lose heart. If you have sincerely repented and placed your faith in Christ as Lord, believing God raised Him from the dead after He died to pay the penalty for your sins, and have genuinely committed your life to Him by studying the Bible and learning to live according to God’s ways, then don’t give up. Press into the Lord, into His Word, and trust Him to finish what He started. 

     “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:6).”

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