God’s Intervention


One day a sweet sister in the Lord shared with me she was involved in an intervention concerning someone in need. I never heard the details nor did I need to know anything about the situation, but the word “intervention” brought to mind this. For years, I heard people use the word “intervention” regarding a human-orchestrated and human-implemented plan to gather a bunch of people and “intervene” in someone’s life to get that person to stop drinking, using drugs, committing adultery, etc. While in some cases of stories I heard, the people most probably prayed, and while in others they probably did not as the “interventions” were prompted by worldly ungodly methods of trying to help people in desperate situations, being reminded of these “interventions” made me ultimately think of this.

When someone is in dire straits, and in desperate need, what they need more than anything is the intervention of God almighty. They need the Lord to step in, to lead them to repentance, to save them, to rescue them, to redeem them, to heal them, to bring them into His fold, to return them to His fold, to encourage them, to chasten them, to transform them, to grow them, to refine them, to provide for them, and/or to teach them, etc.

Whether or not the Lord chooses to use people to bring about this intervention is up to Him. And, when He does choose to use people in intervening in someone’s life, it needs to be according to His plan, His will, His ways, His timing, for His glory.

Trouble is sometimes we go “running to the rescue” with our intentions sometimes well-meaning sometimes not to intervene and do so in the flesh whereby we come up with our own plans, pick the people involved ourselves, choose our timetable, and try to force upon the person what we believe is best to accomplish our purpose. We may do so out of fear, worry, panic, anger, bitterness, hurt, desperation, pain, sense of responsibility, guilt, shame, etc. Friend, this is about self and not about Christ.

What should we do? Pray, pray, pray. Seek the Lord. Dig deep into the Bible. Wait on the Lord. Receive wisdom from the Lord. Seek Bible-based counsel from godly people if, when, and as the Lord leads. And humble ourselves before the Lord and obey Him.

In my own experience, as I have the heart of a “rescuer”, I have had to be very careful to seek, wait upon, hear, and obey the Lord. Too often over the years, I went running to the rescue to intervene in someone’s life bound in the flesh and created a mess whereby I sinned against God and ended up hurting the person I wanted to help or at the very least distracting the person from God’s intervention. Sometimes I was indeed led by the Lord to intervene but lacked love, had the wrong timing, was impatient in the process, started off led by the Holy Spirit but went off in the flesh, put my trust in myself rather than in the Lord, etc. I have had to repent of all of this.

Friend, when God calls for an intervention in someone’s life, let us humble ourselves, put our trust in Him, seek and follow His plan, and remember to give Him the glory for how He brings His plan to pass. For the times we fall short, let us repent and press on in learning to follow the Lord day by day and forevermore – according to the leading and empowering of His Holy Spirit for the glory of God, AMEN!

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