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Yesterday was a devastating day. Two of Walk by Faith Ministry’s rescue dogs had a fight two days ago, and yesterday morning I had to send one of them to heaven at two years old. She wagged her tail all the way to the vet, and then she reached up and kissed the tears I cried as. I told her she would be with Jesus and I would be with them both one day. It ripped my heart out. Then I came home to the other dog, who was so badly hurt she was on the operating table for 2 hours to put her neck back together with an enormous vet bill we will have to walk by faith God will provide. This has been one of the hardest years of my life, the attack has been almost constant, and so has the testing. But God is sovereign, and He is bringing beauty from ashes – and a whole lot of tears. In the midst of it all, God through Jesus is using the ministry to touch and save, heal and deliver, human and four-legged lives. I continue to be in awe of how He came up with such a unique, creative ministry involving miracle cases of people & homeless dogs, too – with Jesus Christ number one!

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