Hurting God


God has a heart, and God’s heart can hurt. His heart can hurt so greatly in fact we can’t even imagine the degree of hurt He experiences. If you don’t believe me He has a heart and that His heart breaks and grieves and experiences different emotions like pleasure, joy, anger, wrath, compassion, jealousy, sorrow, etc., you can see what I am telling you throughout the Bible. Please read the Bible! Daily! Make the Lord and belief in and love for and obedience to Him your very highest priority now and forever, for sure!

You and I know what it is like to have hurting hearts when people hurt us, but who hurts the heart of the Lord? We do! Humanity! People! The very people He created! When we sin against Him. When we resist Him, reject Him, rebel against Him, when we don’t believe in Him, when we turn our backs on Him, when we choose godlessness instead of godliness, when we break His commandments, and when we love, worship, and serve ourselves instead of loving, worshiping, and serving the Lord.

Let us examine our hearts and lives regularly to see if and how we may be hurting God’s heart. Let us turn from our sins and turn with our whole hearts to Jesus Christ as Lord. Let us strive not to hurt the Lord who died on the cross to pay our sin penalty and was raised from the dead so we can believe in and turn to Him as Lord, believing in His death and resurrection, receive Him as Lord, be forgiven and given a forever relationship with Him.

Let us strive not to hurt the heart of the very one who sacrificed His life so those of us who truly believe in Him as Lord, genuinely living for Him and no longer for ourselves, this world, and the devil, are promised forever with Him instead of death, hell, and the lake of fire which is the end punishment for those who reject Christ and choose a lifestyle of rebellion against Him.

Let us love the Lord with ALL our hearts. And let us repent when He shows us we are saying or doing anything that dishonors and hurts Him.

Let us strive instead of hurting the heart of God almighty to love, worship, obey, adore, honor, and praise the Lord forever and ever, AMEN!

Let us live for Jesus, friend, let us live for Him forevermore, AMEN!

We all fall short of your glory, oh Lord! Show us by your Spirit when we hurt your heart, lead us to repentance, teach us your ways, and help us to love, love, love you forevermore, AMEN!

“And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart.” Genesis 6:6 (only by God’s grace did He send Jesus His only begotten Son to the cross to die and be raised from the dead to be our atonement to offer us the only way – through Him – to be in His forever fellowship rather than spend forever in hell and the lake of fire. Oh, how we still grieve the Lord. Let us not any longer! Let us turn, turn, turn to the Lord!!!)

“And when He had removed him, He raised up for them David as king, to whom also He gave testimony and said, ‘I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart, who will do all My will.’” Acts 13:22

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