Inspiration from Two Miracle Dogs


Winnie and Glory, two very special dogs rescued by the Lord from tragic situations, lay so smooshed together today on their human couch that I could barely tell where one dog began or ended. As I spoke to them, I heard in my own words yet another powerful lesson demonstrated through the miracle dogs of Walk by Faith Ministry.

“Winnie,” I told the dog who lost her rear feet in a train wreck, “you are Glory’s eyes.” Winnie was found by her owner miles from home by a railroad track, pregnant, severely injured, and a survivor of several weeks outdoors in the dead of winter. Her owner wrapped her injuries, never took her to the vet, and surrendered her a year later, pregnant for at least the third time.

Then I spoke to Glory. “Glory,” I told the dog who was turned into animal control with one dead pup, open sores everywhere, massive hair loss, two cherry eyes, heartworm, lice, so emaciated it took her days to walk properly, and mostly blind, “You are Glory’s feet.”

Glory and Winnie are delightfully, happy, playful dogs – and yes, couch potatoes. Winnie walks mostly on her two front legs, with her rear in the end; she prefers her unique method of walking to her two doggie wheelchairs.

Glory, who sees shadows at most, follows the pack of dogs through the doorway to get outside – sometimes getting confused if some dogs are walking inside while others are headed out. I am not sure I have ever seen her not wagging joyfully as she walks. They both walk by faith, in love – without a single complaint (except when I do not distribute enough biscuits). Both dogs get absolutely everywhere they need to go.

I am reminded of the Body of Christ. We are one Body. Christ is the head. We are to walk together, loving one another, helping one another, each contributing the gifts the Lord has given us so that we work as one unit with Christ as our head. Like Glory and Winnie, we are not to get lost in ourselves – in our own needs, our woes, challenges, etc. Nor are we to stay stuck in our church pews. We are to reach outside ourselves with the heart, love, hands, and feet of Jesus Christ who lives inside us.

The Bible is very clear about our function as one Body under Christ. Your feet are to work peacefully together with my arms. Another one’s hands are to function lovingly along with our feet and arms. We are one Body. We must not forget our head – Jesus. Under and in Him, we have all that we need to share the Gospel of Christ with, and to serve, a world in need.

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