It’s Time to Get Rid of That Dead Baby

The Lord gave me a vision yesterday in preparation for ministering to a woman in need whose path I crossed later in the day, but I am quite sure the vision was not just for me to have in my heart in serving her. I believe the vision was for me also, and perhaps for many others as well. The Lord showed me a woman carrying a dead baby, and He spoke these words essentially into my heart. “It’s time to get rid of that dead baby.” I heard the message clearly, and the message came tumbling forth.
The Lord showed me that sometimes we hold onto for dear life to something in our hearts, lives, and our arms that is no longer alive. It has lost its life, or perhaps it never had life at all. Needless to say, we refuse to let it go. For some, it may be a person who has passed away. For others, it may be a love relationship with another. It could be a dream. A vision. An idea. A hope. A wish. A thought. An old way of doing things. Whereas once it had a life, there is no longer any life.

But for as long as we hold onto that person or dream that is no longer alive, we keep God from filling our hearts and arms and hands and lives with what He desires. For our hearts and lives are full already. And where God wants to bless us with new dreams, His dreams, His vision, His idea, His way of doing things, new love, new life, we are unable to accept what He has for us. We are busy, and overloaded, and overwhelmed, and full with what we already hold inside us, or in the resting place within our arms – and hearts.

God spoke into my heart that the woman holding onto her dead baby needs to release the baby so she is ready and able to be filled with what God has for her. New life. New love. His plans. His purposes. His desires for her life. For my life. And perhaps for your life also.

I was troubled about one particular aspect of the vision, so much so that I lay the vision aside until He brought it back to my mind. When I looked at the eyes of the woman holding the baby, I saw something demonic. Evil. Dark. It was not the woman herself. There was something about the eyes. And I could not imagine what it was. I thought of it several times, but did not like the thought of it and lay it aside. But as I was writing this piece, it came to me.

The devil does not want us to let go of what is no longer alive. He does not want us to be ready and available for what God has for us. He wants us to hold onto that which is dark, sad, tragic, no longer alive. He wants to steal from us. He wants to stand in the way of our blessings. He wants to stop God’s will from manifesting in our lives. I believe the demonic eyes in the vision God gave me were a sign that the devil is trying to stop us from releasing from our lives that which is no longer alive.

So what shall we do? What will I do? I know when I saw the vision I saw myself. I saw that God was leading me to let go of things in my life that He no longer wants me to have. Sometimes we hold onto things that were never His will in the first place. Our dreams rather than His, for example. But sometimes we hold onto things and people that were definitely His will – for a season. And for people like me, it can be tough to let go of that which is no longer meant to be in my life. An old relationship. A dream God gave me that was only meant for a certain time period.

So what do we do? What have I done? What should you do? I repent. I ask God to forgive me for holding on. And I need His strength to let go. And, in His strength, by the power of the Holy Spirit, through faith in Jesus, bolstered by the Word of God, I release the people and things He wants me to let go.

And I do not end up empty. I end up ready. Ready for new life. His life. His life in me. His dreams in me – and through me. For His glory.

Lord, I release to you my past. I release to you every person, place, and things you desire for me to let go. It is yours. Free me, Lord. Deliver me, Lord. Thank you for helping me to let go, to surrender all to you. I cannot do this without you. I know the struggle. I hold on even now to things I need to let go. Help me, Jesus. I need you to do this. And you are here for me. You are here in me. Help me to release it all. Thank you for the vision you have given me. Please help all those who read this and know it is for them to release what you desire them to let go – to you. For you. Yes, for you Lord. For your glory. I love you Jesus! Forever and ever, and ever, Amen! 

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