Knowing God’s Will


Knowing God’s will isn’t enough. We can pray our hearts out to God to make His will known to us but seeking His will and knowing His will once He reveals it to us are not enough. We need to seek and know and DO God’s will.

As greatly as we desire to know God’s will, we need to be careful once we know what it is. We need to be sure we don’t fall into picking and choosing what we do and don’t want to do, resisting His will when we don’t like it, procrastinating in doing His will, turning the other way when we’re not in the mood for it, debating God concerning His will based on what we pridefully believe to be best, pretending we haven’t heard Him when His will is uncomfortable for us, outright rebelling against Him when His will goes greatly against our fleshly dreams and desires, running the other way when He reveals His will to us, etc.

Friend, we need to humble ourselves, seek the Lord, seek His will, and lovingly, humbly, reverently, devotedly, faithfully obey Him once we know what it is. With no excuses and no exceptions no matter the cost to our flesh to do His will.

God makes His will known to us in the Bible, and He makes known His will for each of us personally and individually by His Holy Spirit who lives inside His followers, through others who follow Him, and by whatever other means He desires.

Jesus Christ is Lord forever. We are to turn from our sins, believe in Him as Lord and in His death and resurrection, turn to God and His ways, live for Christ, and seek and do the will of God as His beloved children and blessed servants.

Each and every day, let us seek and do the will of God with our hearts filled with love, gladness, adoration, joy, and thanksgiving. For the glory of Jesus the Christ, forever God, AMEN!

Let us be as the psalmist in these verses and find delight obeying the Lord! Hallelujah, AMEN!

“I delight to do Your will, O my God, And Your law is within my heart.”” Psalm 40:8

“I will delight myself in Your statutes; I will not forget Your word.” Psalm 119:16

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