Meet the Dogs


Without further ado, here are the Walk by Faith Ministry dogs who live on the ministry’s sanctuary-style property with their mommie caretaker Lara Love (that’s me!)……..

RED, co-founder of Walk by Faith Ministry, is now in heaven. Please read the amazing testimony of how God used a HOMELESS DOG (Red), a HOMELESS MAN, A BROKEN WOMAN (me), and a WORLD IN NEED to birth Walk by Faith Ministry at CLICK HERE. 

GLORY was turned into a shelter with a litter of dead pups, severely emaciated, mostly blind, missing lots of hair, covered in open sores, chewed up with lice, with two cherry eyes, a heart murmur, and heartworm disease. The shelter and vets said she must be euthanized, but a shelter volunteer contacted me because she knew I believe in miracles. Glory, happy and healthy today, is best buds with two-footed Winnie. She had an eye removed due to glaucoma, and is now fully blind.  

 Glory at the shelter before being moved to Walk by Faith Ministry

Now totally blind Glory (both eyes have been removed) and two-footed Winnie bonded right from the start.


When I picked up MISS MERCY from a shelter in rural Georgia where she lay with an apparent broken pelvis from being hit by a car, I was shocked to learn her pelvis was fine; her back was utterly shattered. Two vets recommended euthanization, but God told me not to give up on Mercy. Within a short period, her horrific pain was completely gone, she took to her wheelchair almost immediately, and her new life began. Miss Mercy brings loads of love and joy wherever she goes!

Paralyzed Miss Mercy found the patch of light in the bedroom she shareswith blind Glory, two-footed Winnie, and former hunting dog Esther (in the evenings).When not in her wheelchair, she drags herself around fast and joyfully on her knees.


MR. SIMEON came into my life as quite a surprise considering I had my hands full with more than enough dogs. A young woman who had rescued him a year earlier after he had been hit by a car and left in the road to die contacted me for help. I told her I could not take him, but would be happy to meet him and advise her since she was considering euthanization. Unfortunately, I found when I met him that he was emaciated and had a yucky skin infection, hugely long nails, and poop smeared and scattered all over the floor around where he lay on a blanket on the floor. I was given permission by the young woman who had rescued her a year earlier to take him to the vet’s office for an evaluation, where I was promptly advised by the vet to take him under my wings given his condition. He has been a permanent fixture in my life ever since. 

Mr. Simeon LOVES his trips to the beach!


Mr. Simeon with Miss Mercy along with Miss Mommie visiting the assisted living facility.


TRAVELER had four legs until he was placed in the back of his rescuer’s pickup truck. He apparently fell or jumped off the bed of the truck, injuring his nerves such that one of his front legs did nothing more than dangle. A vet advised amputation to give him better mobility and to avoid infections caused by dragging the leg that would end up only getting in his way. No more than an hour or so after his leg amputation, he was standing up and ready for his new life. He is fast, agile, low maintenance when he wants to be, and an absolute love.

Photo courtesy of Joy
Traveler enjoying some down time.He is as perfectly content hanging out lazily for hours on end as he is running around with incredible speed and agility….


LITTLE MISS MIRACLES, a senior disabled 10-pound dog that had been severely neglected is the ministry’s most recent and final addition since no more dogs will be taken in in the future. She was surrendered to the woman who rescued her by her owner and handed off to a vet’s office and then flown to SC to Walk by Faith Ministry. Besides being flea-ridden upon rescue, she was emaciated, her toenails curled back around to her feet, her joints were fused together causing a severe walking disability, she had hookworms, an eye issue, an ear issue, was severely anemic, ended up having mange, tested positive for Lyme disease, was missing patches of hair, and had a large tumor on her neck which miraculously disappeared. Though her initial vet felt she might only live for a few weeks, and while her rescuer urged euthanization, the dog whom I originally named Miracle is now Little Miss Miracles – a more fitting name given her numerous miracles. Despite walking slowly with her front legs crossing over, and despite an occasional reappearance of mange, she has far exceeded her predicted longevity and is in overall good health considering her history. Despite her disability and tiny size, she somehow manages to climb all the way up on top of my bed where she spends her days enjoying her new life.

Little Miss Miracles with paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon

SPECKLES, a senior beagle snuggle bug, was rescued from a shelter where she was scheduled for euthanization. She was one of the so-called “Ohio 7” – seven dogs I rescued from a rural Ohio shelter when I lived in VA. I had driven 16 hours in one day to pick up one dog, and came back with several. I drove back two days later for one more dog, and somehow managed to come home with 7 dogs between the two trips. Speckles had surgery for a double hernia (her intestines were outside her body wall), but the hernia returned. She is monitored to ensure she is not in any danger from the hernia. Speckles was adopted and returned, and is now a very happy, healthy, and satisfied customer at Walk by Faith Ministry. She has most recently been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, and is struggling with a disc issue in her back. Her age is showing, but she is still managing to enjoy her quiet and peaceful life with her Walk by Faith Ministry siblings and Miss Mommie. 

Speckles got herself stuck in a hole in a blanketin a big basket like she was wearing a dress!In her more agile days, she was always jumping up and resting atopwhatever she could find that was one or two stories up….


DANCER, a senior, was found on a three-foot chain or tie-out without food or water. He had heartworm disease and was heartbroken. Dancer really dances. He used to go for long periods of time up in the air, to dance, dance, dance the night or day away. He danced for so long sometimes he yawned because he would get bored. He, like a number of the other Walk by Faith Ministry dogs, is beginning to show signs of his older age now – including less dancing and a bit more resting. He does still manage short spurts of dancing when he wants to let me know it’s time for his next activity. 

Dancer at shelter in his favorite pose before beginning his new life with Walk by Faith Ministry


Dancer (right) with his lookalike Speckles (left)


Esther was found at a 7,000 acre hunting club that does not keep hunting dogs on the property. When hunting dogs are found there, they are identified by their collars and tags and sent back to their owners. Esther had no collar and tags, meaning she may well have been abandoned by her owner. The club caretaker was concerned a hunter might shoot and kill, so the caretaker arranged for her to be sent to Walk by Faith Ministry. Esther is the odd one out when it comes to most of Walk by Faith Ministry’s dogs being special needs and/or seniors. She is young, healthy, and highly adoptable. But she has no complaints being part of the crowd considering she absolutely loves her rigorous walks helping to keep me in shape, her sprints around the yard, her endless efforts to find little animals or desire to get a bird or squirrel out of a tree, and, yes, some occasional rest. 

ESTHER is up for ADOPTION as of March 2016. Please contact me at or 843-338-2219 if you are interested in fostering, adopting, or would simply like to pass her information along. Lots of info in the video below!

Most people who meet Esther have two things to say.Beautiful. Sweet. She certainly is!



MR. SHNOOKLES, who looks like a big dog in a little dog’s body, is a senior PBGV (petit basset verdeen griffon) mix. Though he is low to the ground, he is high on loyalty and love. He and several other dogs were pulled from a shelter where they were scheduled for euthanization due to shelter overcrowding. Upon their arrival at Walk by Faith Ministry, Mr. Shnookles made it clear that he wasn’t always so happy with other dogs. He threw a bunch of temper tantrums for a good while both with dogs at home and dogs in the public, and then did a big turnaround. He now loves his sibling dogs and gets along with them beautifully! Most people laugh when they first see Mr. Shnookles. He is not the most ordinary looking dog, to say the least. But once people get past his looks, they see his character. He’s a bundle of love and loyalty!  

Mr. Shnookles all dressed up and ready to go!


Mr. Shnookles after a haircut – and a substantial weight loss!


GRACE is a dog God used right from the start to teach me a lesson in patience and perseverance. I learned about Grace from a gas station manager in rural Georgia where I stopped on my way to picking up paralyzed dog Miss Mercy from the animal shelter where she had been dropped off after being hit by a car. The gas station manager wondered if I could help rescue a dog that had been abandoned at the station and hit by two different cars on the same day a month or so earlier. Despite countless attempts by different rescuers to get Grace the help she needed, Grace was simply too scared to let anyone rescue her. I drove hours back and forth week after week with the same inability to rescue her no matter what I tried. I finally threw a temper tantrum and decided to give up. But God wouldn’t let me. I persevered as best I could. At last, an off-duty animal control officer from another county helped rescue her. I whisked her off to the vet where I was told she had a broken leg but would do just fine with her funny limp. It took about a year for Grace to trust me. Over and again, I would lose my patience as I found myself unable to get anywhere near her. Sometimes it would take several days of  leaving her in the fenced yard before I could get close enough to bring her inside. Grace has come a long way since then, and I have come a little way myself. I could always use more help with patience and perseverance, and I know that help must come from God. 

Grace with a look of confidence despite her history of being so exceedingly scared it took several months to rescue her at a gas station after she was hit by two cars on the same day


ABIGAIL, yet another Walk by Faith Ministry senior, landed in my life as a puppy when a friend and I “exchanged dogs” because our dogs at the time were a better fit for one another than for ourselves. My friend ended up returning the dog I had given her and expected me to keep both. While the other dog tragically died some time later, Abigail took up permanent residence with Walk by Faith Ministry long ago. She is one of the few ministry dogs with no health issues and has thoroughly enjoyed an active life with a special love of the outdoors. Years ago, Abigail was the dog that gave an incredibly warm welcome to my beloved co-founder German Shepherd dog Red (CLICK HERE to read and see the video called RED’S STORY) when he first arrived on the scene. While Red is now in heaven, along with Abigail’s other buddy dog, my sweet Jake, Abigail is perfectly content joining me on rigorous walks, digging for who knows what in the yard, hanging out with the more active dogs, and enjoying a healthy combo of outdoors time with just enough rest inside. 

Abigail (front) with her lookalike Jake (back).My sweet Jake is now in heaven.Believe it or not, they were not related – except as Walk by Faith Ministry siblings…


BABY – This little 17 year-old dog was rescued many years ago along with my sweet, loving beagle dog Beckles with Speckles who is now in heaven. They were both pulled from a VA shelter 30 minutes before euthanization and transported car by car down the east coast until they arrived at what I expected to be their temporary destination. I figured I would find homes for both of them. Little did I know I would end up adopting Beckles with Speckles, and a friend would end up adopting Baby. Unfortunately, I learned some years later that my friend had moved Baby despite his then senior age into her unfinished garage with a little heater, a human tent, a couple of other dogs, and no AC despite the incredibly hot South Carolina summers. One of the dogs living in her garage died, and Baby and the third one remained. Thankfully, after a year or so of my extreme concern about Baby as well as the other dog, my friend agreed to turn them both over to Walk by Faith Ministry. The other dog was adopted by a friend up north, and Baby has remained with Walk by Faith Ministry – undoubtedly grateful to live in the house with heat and AC and plenty of dog siblings. 

Baby, the most senior dog of the bunch at about 15.5….


FRECKLES was rescued in Ohio some years ago by an animal control officer who risked losing his job by refusing to bring him into the shelter where he would most probably have been euthanized. Several of his toes were de-gloved, and he needed surgery. The officer handed him off to a rescue worker, who arranged and sponsored his veterinary care and then shipped him off to Virginia where I lived at the time. He moved with Walk by Faith Ministry to South Carolina some time later, where he was adopted by a family in Florida and then returned. He was later adopted by a loving older couple. When the couple moved to an assisted living facility, the couple was unable to keep Freckles despite their incredible love for him. God came up with the perfect solution! Freckles now lives with me and Walk by Faith Ministry, and visits his “mom” and “dad” at the assisted living facility several times a month. His “parents” sponsor him monthly and pay for his veterinary care in addition. Freckles loves his visits there, and his “parents” love him to no end. The staff and residents of the assisted living facility also enjoy his visits! Freckles is up for ADOPTION as of April 2016 and is available to an approved adopter who would be willing to drop him off once a week for visits with his “parents” at the assisted living facility. He will receive FREE vet care ONLY WITH HIS CURRENT VET for as long as he continues his visits at the assisted living facility. Please contact me at 843-338-2219 for more information.

Freckles LOVES his visits to his “mom” and “dad”.He also LOVES the outdoors and is outside on Walk by Faith Ministry’s property absolutely whenever possible….


Freckles with his “mom” and “dad”at the assisted living facility where he visits them
If you are interested in the possibility of fostering or adopting any of the dogs, please click HERE.
Or, if you might like to sponsor any or all of the dogs, please click HERE.