Ministry Dogs

In April 2017, after about many years of dog rescue work including having a sanctuary-style setting for up to 19 dogs at a time many of whom were seniors and special needs ones, in obedience to the Lord I sold my little house not far from the ocean, gave most everything away, and hit the road full-time for Jesus and ministry with a small crew of my beloved special needs ministry dogs. As of December 2021, due to the heartbreaking loss of a number of them, I am on the road for Jesus now with just paralyzed Miss Mercy & special needs Gracie both hit by vehicles many years ago before the Lord blessedly sent them into my life.

For many years, the Lord has used my precious dogs to grow me in His image, to introduce me to people to whom I am blessed to share the Gospel and to minister, to keep me company, and who in the process of it all have enjoyed / are enjoying their miraculous lives. My ministry was actually co-founded by a very special rescued dog called Red whose phenomenally inspiring story you can read and see on video at RED’S STORY.

Below you will find a joyful video followed by photos of my sweet ministry dogs past and present.