Miss Mercy Returns to Beach Ministry as New Ministry Season Begins

Oh, how I love the beach. But this is nothing compared with how much I LOVE to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ while ministering the Lord’s love to a world in need – my lifetime mission as evangelist, author, & director of Walk by Faith Ministry. How humbled, and blessed and privileged I am when God sends me out into the world to do just that. I am grateful beyond description when He combines my LOVE for Him and my love for the beach by sending me out with some of the special needs dogs of Walk by Faith Ministry to the beach where little crowds of people gather around the dogs and I have opportunities to talk to people about the Lord.

Yesterday, I was thrilled to hit the beach with the dogs the first time this upcoming spring and summer season – a joyous occasion considering only about two months ago three-year-old Miss Mercy was near death. Even as the vets made it pretty clear Miss Mercy had a slim to none chance of surviving her unbelievable ordeal, I heard God speak into my heart to go ahead with the surgery despite the doctor’s apparently negative outlook on it and to trust Him and that she would be fine. I did not believe for a minute that God wanted to save her life simply because I love my dog, but as He has done with my only life to save it for a purpose. For His glory! May this upcoming season be full of countless opportunities to share the Gospel whenever and wherever the Lord might lead….!!

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