Mother Theresa’s NEXT SURGERY!


All glory goes to God and thanks to all the wonderful donors who helped Mother Theresa have her first big surgery after being attacked by a fellow rescue dog. When I had to send 2.5 year old Abigail to heaven for aggression – who wagged her tail to the vet’s and kissed my tears away – I knew on my own I would not have the strength to send Abigail to the Lord, take care of a severely injured dog, and raise the money for Mother Theresa. But God knew our need, and He took care of it all through incredibly generous hearts.

Mother Theresa will finish up her healing process with a second surgery to sew up her neck where skin died off due to lack of blood supply given the severity of her injuries. She goes in for surgery December 23, and I am believing God will once again provide all the donations needed for her surgery.

Thank you in advance for helping Mother Theresa to have a Merry Christmas. . . !

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