I Need Help Please


I am sad to report the more I have devoted my life to the Lord, the more I have pressed forward in ministry, the more I have loved and served God, the more I have worked to serve others, including those in dire need, the more I have lived and breathed to love and worship God, the more I have sought to help people to find and follow the Lord Jesus Christ forever, the more I have desired to reach for Christ the people this world so often gives up on, the more I have cared for the last remaining dogs in my care whom much of this world would turn away from due to their disabilities, the more I have forsaken what I once desired, the more I have tried to live an exceedingly modest lifestyle to be the most available to God, the fewer and fewer people have stepped forward to offer financial support for the work the Lord has called me to do. I bless and praise Him because He continues to provide faithfully, and I thank God for the precious very few who steadfastly donate toward my life’s work to bring God glory in all this, but I confess I am sad how exceedingly few people are led to lend a helping heart & hand.

As many of you know, I am about to embark on a wildly faith-necessitating adventure as the Lord has called me to return to Virginia part-time for ministry. This requires exceeding faith for someone like me as He calls me to leave behind the comfortable, secure, and familiar, to move at least part time from a very low cost living area to a very wealthy one, to take along a crew of special needs and senior dogs, to be living on a low income and operating on a bare-bones budget, to begin in a hotel and not know my final destination in Virginia, to figure out what He wants me to do with my house here, and to simply place my trust in Him and go for the sole reason that He is sending me.

As you know, I very infrequently now ask for support. The last time I did I sent an e-mail to over 1500 people to help with donations for paralyzed dog Mr Simeon who has made a miraculous recovery. One couple who donates on a regular basis sent a donation. Not a single other donation came in.

I would LOVE to have a group of people step forward to become monthly sponsors, including to help sponsor my housing needs in Virginia, as well as sponsors for the books, tracts, and devotionals I write, publish, and distribute, and sponsors for the ministry as a whole, including for the last of the dogs if they so desire as I stopped taking in new dogs several years ago and press on in ministry.

But my greatest desire for us all is that we seek the Lord and follow Him wherever He leads us in this and all things.

Thank you for your love, prayers, encouragement, and for your giving for those led to do so.

In Christ my King,


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