Police Academy for Your Thoughts


Ever been to police academy for your thoughts? I have. The Lord has showed me I have not taken one of His scriptures seriously enough. When He tells us to cast down our imaginations along with anything that tries to rise against knowledge of Him, He gives us a command that cannot be missed.

He tells us to “bring into captivity” our thoughts to the “obedience of Christ”. I have heard the scripture so often through the years of my faith walk that I quite frankly missed the significance of the words. There is an action involved, a vital action, and God used the work of a police officer to show me just what this means.

The government and police chief give the police officer authority to enforce the law. They also give the police chief the power, or ammunition so to speak, to use this authority bestowed upon him. The police officer uses his authority and power to deal with people who break the law. The officer arrests criminals and brings them to jail. In jail, the criminals are held captive in order to come under the law they have broken.

The Lord gives us His Word, which is His law, along with the authority through faith in Jesus Christ to do His work for His glory. He gives us His power through the Holy Spirit to use the authority bestowed upon us.

Who then are the criminals? The criminals are the thoughts that rise up against God’s Word. The enemy, and sometimes the flesh, send us thoughts that run contrary to God’s Word.

So what do we do? A police officer does not stand back and watch the criminal run by. Nor does he sit around waiting for the criminal to throw himself in jail. He takes action. He “brings into captivity” the offender. The offender, in captivity, is forced to bow down to the law.

More often than not, I have expected the thoughts that run contrary to God’s Word to march themselves into jail. Too often, I have allowed them to build up strongholds that have become a life-threatening hostage crisis rather than a simple arrest that would have occurred if I had taken action in the first place.

God has taken me to police academy to teach me His Word. He wants me, and you, to take action where criminal thoughts and words are concerned. We are to live by His Word, not the enemy’s or flesh’s thoughts. We are to use the authority through Christ and power through the Holy Ghost He has given us to live by His Word for His glory.

The next time you see criminal thoughts headed your way, remember what you learned in Police Academy. You have the right to place them under arrest, to take them into captivity, and to make them bow down to the Word of the Lord God almighty.

“Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ (2 Co 10:5 KJV).”

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