On the Road / Streets Ministry

“O Lord, open my lips, And my mouth shall show forth Your praise.” Psalm 51:15

As of April 2017, I went on the road for Jesus full-time with the Lord, my Bible, my laptop, a few belongings, and the ministry’s little crew of special needs dogs He uses regularly to introduce me to people to talk to about Him. My life’s calling is to be on the road for Jesus helping people to find and forever faithfully follow Him through streets ministry and writing, publishing, & distributing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books. You can learn more HERE.

As of March 2019, I have been blessed so far to be in Virginia outside DC, New Jersey, New York City, South Carolina, North Carolina, South Carolina again, and the Florida Panhandle. I am headed next at the Lord’s leading to the Appalachian region of Virginia, then the Appalachian region of West Virginia, followed by the Capitol Hill area, Washington, DC. He has placed on my heart several other locations for the future – to be announced down the road (no pun intended!).

I am privileged to love people, share the Gospel message, hand out my Gospel tracts and devotionals, pray for people, and encourage them to believe in and forever follow Jesus on the streets, in and around the hotels in which I and the ministry’s special dogs usually stay, in parking lots, stores, on the beach, in parks, in churches, on sidewalks, over the phone, via email, internationally via my devotional writing online, around the US via the distribution of my tracts and devotionals including in prisons and homeless shelters, wherever, whenever, and with whomever the Lord desires!

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