Share the Gospel

The Lord placed it on my heart to get a domain name called I purchased the domain name and am now waiting on Him for further instructions! Christ’s followers are commissioned to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with the world, yet so many of Christ’s followers it seems feel too shy, afraid, overwhelmed, distracted, busy, ashamed, embarrassed, unsure, insecure, disinterested, etc. to do so.

Yet there is nothing more important in the universe when it comes to our time on this earth than turning from our sins and believing Christ died on the cross to pay our sin penalty and was raised from the dead, truly turning our hearts and lives over to God and His ways forevermore – and telling others this is the only way to a forever relationship with the Lord instead of forever in torment apart from God in hell and the lake of fire.

My heart doesn’t stop at desiring beyond measure to help people to find and forever follow Jesus Christ as Lord forever. It’s also to help people to live and fulfill the plans and purpose God has for their lives – including helping still others to find and forever follow Jesus!

Please consider praying for me and this ministry including on the very subject of God’s will for this new domain name.

Thank you!!