The Most Beautiful Blessing

There is nothing in the world quite like watching a paralyzed dog  named Miss Mercy chasing a beautiful butterfly parked on her little dirt road, but that is exactly what I did this morning. Neither is there anything quite like realizing I want to bless a few people who have hurt me more than any others in my lifetime. Nor is there anything quite like hearing a beloved friend tell me my love for her helped her to find Jesus.

But I did all three of these today, and it reminds me that our lives are so full of countless magnificent blessings when we look beyond what our human eyes can see and view our lives with hearts full of faith in Jesus. Is the world full of darkness, of tragedies, of violence, of stuff so hard we cannot even fathom? Yes. Are our lives sometimes full of trials and tribulations that seem utterly insurmountable? Yes. Is life so difficult sometimes that we wonder how we will even take the next step? Yes. Does the little stuff sometimes irritate us so much that we could so easily miss the Lord’s infinite blessings? Absolutely.

Did the same paralyzed dog Miss Mercy who chased a butterfly eat something this afternoon that made me pour a whole bottle of hydrogen peroxide down her throat until she vomited a baby pool sized amount of vomit? Yes. Did paralyzed Miss Molly pee right in the midst of my changing her diaper after I had already cleaned her all up? Yes. Did I fall way too far short in avoiding distractions today so I could focus on the Lord as I so desire? Yes. Am I tired from a long day that I expected to finish off feeling well rested? Yes. Have I had tragedies, trials, and tribulations throughout my life like zillions of others, even if different in their nature? Absolutely.

And, if the truth be told, I have spent much of my life looking through the kind of sunglasses that make everything look dark. I have missed so much. I have missed butterflies. I have missed laughter. I have missed giggles. I have missed kite flying and bubble gum chewing and silly stuff and lighthearted things and beautiful sunsets and the majestic ocean so close to my home and so very much more.

Today, despite a few challenges that were neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things, I took my dark sunglasses off and looked through the eyes of a heart full of Jesus. And, even when I stuck the sunglasses back on and became tired and irritable from focusing on the wrong things, I was able to return to the Lord and to remember to be thankful.

I am so thankful, yes, for the beautiful butterfly that flew away when Miss Mercy went chasing after her in her wheelchair. So thankful that at the end of the day the most important thing of all isn’t the butterflies at all. Nor the way I want to bless two people who have hurt me beyond measure. Nor my friend who told me I helped her to find Jesus. The most important thing of all, more beautiful than anything else in this world, is the most precious blessing of all.

My beloved. My Lord. My Jesus. The Christ. 

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