Update on Mother Theresa


Thanks be to God and a phenomenal veterinary clinic & surgeon, Loudoun Veterinary Services in Purcellville, VA, and Dr. Stang, Mother Theresa has begun her recovery. For the first few days, she barely moved and looked like she was in a coma. Slowly, her eyes became undazed and I no longer needed to feed her by squishing soft food through the side of her mouth & teeth. Slowly, she began to take her first, though unbalanced, wobbly, steps. Once again, I am watching a dog persevere the way God calls us to.
Mother Theresa, 12 years old, had an owner who planned to shoot and kill her. Her rescuer got in trouble with the police and fled. The place where he abandoned her did not feel led to care for her. She landed with Walk by Faith Ministry, where months later she was attacked horrifically by a fellow rescue dog whom this week I was devastated to have to send to heaven at only 2 years old.

Despite every challenge she has faced thus far, Mother Theresa wakes each morning and walks by faith through the day. She does not let her obstacles stop her from doing what she knows she needs to do. Yet again, God has sent an inspiration on four legs to Walk by Faith Ministry, and, I pray, to the world.

As for me, yet again I take my first wobbly steps forward. I have found most of this past year has been marred with challenge after challenge, loss after loss, tragedy after tragedy. I could so easily give up, especially right now when I think of having to make the decision to end the life of a young, healthy dog who was so traumatized as a pup she developed aggressive tendencies that even with help would have posed too much of a risk. But, like Mother Theresa, I will not give up. I simply love the Lord too much to quit now that I’ve come this far.

“Are you going to walk by faith?” a friend challenged me in the midst of this latest tragedy. I felt the Lord convicting me – to give up, or to practice the name of this ministry.

Walk by Faith.

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