Walk by Faith Ministry

s video RED - THIS ONE - mommie-red-professional

me (Lara Love) and my beloved ministry co-founder Red who is so incredibly sadly no longer with me…. (I’m a lot older now….!!!)

Walk by Faith Ministry isn’t the most ordinary ministry, not especially considering it was co-founded by a 100% Jewish woman in yet another season of utter brokenness who grew up in a family without God and who neglected her childhood dog – and considering it was co-founded through an indescribably downtrodden, near-death dog who helped save the life of a suicidal homeless man. But as hard as the founding of the ministry may be to believe, I can attest that it is utterly true. For I am that woman, and the road I have taken, and the experiences I have had, and the calling God has given me, and the ministry He has placed in my heart and hands, and my life today after decades of brokenness beyond measure, are a true story only the Lord Himself could have written. For His glory alone!

I am humbled, blessed, and privileged to do a combination of evangelism, streets & beach ministry & outreach, writing & publishing (books, almost Daily Inspiration and Bible Takeout online, and Gospel tracts & devotionals in print), discipleship, and providing sanctuary-style care to 14 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs whom the Lord uses to open people’s hearts to hear the Gospel message and teaching of God’s Word.

The ministry was birthed through the heart-wrenching testimony of a HOMELESS MAN, A HOMELESS DOG (my beloved co-founder RED pictured above), A BROKEN WOMAN (me), an AWESOME GOD, and a WORLD IN NEED. Please CLICK HERE to both read and see the video of this breathtakingly beautiful testimony that has come to be known as “Red’s Story.”

I hope as I pour my heart out day by day in the ministry work that I do that you and/or someone you know might feel loved and be blessed, encouraged, and inspired to turn from the ways of this world and to live a fully committed, devoted, and infinitely beautiful life dedicated to the Lord both now and forevermore. It would be hard to believe that anyone in the world was as far away from such a life as I once was. But if you read my miraculous story of a woman utterly broken and useless and headed for death and hell transformed to the woman I am today, you might come to find that anything is truly possible when what is broken beyond human repair is placed in the loving and majestic hands of the Lord.

You are also cordially invited to read my story combined with the best message in the universe describing how any life can be transformed beyond measure for now and eternity here.

To watch the video and read the true story of a broken woman (me), a homeless dog (Red), a homeless man, and an amazing God, called “Red’s Story,” please click HERE.