What God Can Birth


This morning I looked – for a total of about two seconds – at 1 Chronicles 3 in the Bible. I was excited to read something yummy, as I love digging into the Word. I was dismayed to find yet another long list of names. Quickly, I decided to move on with my morning. But I stopped, and I believe the Holy Spirit revealed something to me so beauitful about what God can birth.

Too many times in the Bible I have been bored by lists of names. One name. The next. Who birthed the next person. Most of the names are not familiar; most of them I cannot pronounce. In fact, I attended a Bible marathon reading and got “stuck” with what seemed an everlasting list of names. Who birthed whom.

This morning the Holy Spirit showed me something magnificent. Even in the midst of the meaningless, the forgotten, the insignificant, the ordinary, and even in the midst of generations of people who messed up in unforgettable and sometimes forgettable ways, God can birth exactly what He desires.

I had never thought of it this way. I love Jesus Christ so much I often just imagine He was born in His manger and later became my Savior. But imagine all the generations of people that were the long line of ancestry preceding His birth.

If I look at my life, I see years and years of what seems like wasted time. Insignifcant days, weeks, months, and even years. Sin. Messing up. Shortcoming. Mistakes, too many. My errors, and the sins of others and their horrific consequences, too.

Today, I see 1 Chronicles 3 and all the other seemingly endless lists of names in a new way. It is as though God is saying, “Do not give up when it seems boring, and that I have no plan at all. I always have a plan, and be excited. I can birth my plan and my purpose in the midst of it all.”

Oh, how marvelous our Lord is!

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