When God Saves Your Life!


There is only one reason my beloved Pastor Freddie is alive today following the horrific earthquake in Haiti just days ago. He arrived one day before the earthquake, sat in his office only 10 miles from the center of the earthquake, and was found alive and uninjured. He is alive because the Lord God almighty saved His life. If God saved your life from a car wreck, an addiction, an abusive relationship, a deadly disease, or anything else, I have a question for you. What exactly are you doing with the life He saved?
I received a report today that Pastor Freddie is fully dedicated right now to finding the loved ones of his staff. I have not heard from him, but I know his heart. He is praying, believing, and combing the streets, ministering God’s love to a nation in need. His mission house is a pile of rubble, and his warehouse is empty from theft. He is not focused on rebuilding what he has lost. He is concentrating on rebuilding a nation in the love of the Lord – and building God’s Kingdom.

God has saved my life so many times throughout my 42 years of life that forever would not give me enough time to say thank you. I believe with all my heart that God does not save our lives so we can kick up our feet and go on vacation. He saves our lives so we can grow in our relationship with Him, grow like Him, and grow in our giving for Him to not merely one nation in need – but a world in need.

Even if God has not saved your life from something as extraordinary as an earthquake, He has saved your life by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ. So in one way or another, whether one single time or countless times, your life has been saved by God.

So what have you done with the life He has saved? As I continue to pray for Pastor Freddie and the nation of Haiti, I remember that God did not save my life as many times as He has for me merely to grab a paycheck, work off my stress at a gym, head for the movies, and shed a few tears as I watch the evening news.

I believe He saved Pastor Freddie’s life because He knows Pastor Freddie’s heart. Pastor Freddie is as sold out to Jesus Christ and the work of the Lord as just about anyone I have ever seen. As his daughter in Christ, who has studied under his teaching of God’s Word for years, I can say I am as sold out as he is.

I love the Lord too much to retire now that He has saved my life. I love Him so much, and am so loved by Him, that I have to ask myself this question: What am I doing with the life God saved?

I am growing in my relationship with Him, I am growing more like Him, and I am growing in my giving – to His world in need.

My leader? My Lord. My guidebook? The Bible. My fellow laborers? Christ’s body.

My greatest love. Himself.

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