When Your Family Needs a Miracle


So many have families that need miracles. My family has needed not just one but many miracles for many years. So far I am the only one in my family who believes in and follows the Lord Jesus Christ. My family needs to turn to the Lord for the promise of a forever relationship with God, and my family needs more miracles than just that one. No matter what miracles our families are in need of, I would like to encourage you with this.

* Turn from your sins, believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and in His death and resurrection, and truly turn to God, His ways, and His will for your life, surrendering yourself humbly and wholly to His lordship now and forever. Thereby receive Jesus as Lord, the promise of a forever relationship with God, and ask for and receive the gift of God’s Holy Spirit who lives in Jesus followers.

* Be totally devoted to the Lord no matter your family situation and make sure you are a bright shining Holy Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, Jesus-centered, Bible-studying-and-living-by example to your family and to all those with whom you come in contact. Model what a Jesus follower looks like, thinks like, talks like, and acts like to your family and others.

* Continually love your family, forgive your family, be merciful to your family, don’t judge and condemn your family, show grace to your family, serve your family as the Lord leads you, be humble before God and your family, be kind to your family, be giving and generous and gracious as God leads you.

* No matter what your family members may do wrong, make sure you do what is right in God’s eyes. And repent when you fall short!

* Seek God continually and follow His instructions as His Holy Spirit speaks to your heart in line with the Bible regarding your family. He may lead you to make changes, do things differently, step back, engage, confront, communicate, seek the help of others to help intervene and counsel, etc. Whatever you are clear God tells you to do, do it. Obey God!

* Put your trust in God day by day regarding your family situation, choose faith not fear, remember God can do anything no matter what things look like and feel like.

* Cry out to God! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY to God continually for your family and for all else God puts on your heart concerning prayer. Even when things seem impossible, keep praying.

* Ask others to pray for your family!

* Get any and all help for you and your family the Lord leads you to get. Make sure to get godly counsel as God leads you from Jesus followers who are filled with and led by the Holy Spirit and strong in the Bible and application of it.

* PUT YOUR HOPE AND EXPECTATION in Jesus not in your family. Understand we don’t all get the miracles we desperately desire. But our lives, peace, hope, and joy, contentment, etc. should NOT be contingent and conditional on our family situations and circumstances and the ultimate outcome of what we cry out to God concerning. Our hearts and lives here and now and for eternity are to be centered in Jesus.

No matter your family situation, your family circumstances, and how God chooses to answer your prayers, and understanding that family members may choose to go against God resulting in very difficult and painful circumstances, PLEASE MAKE SURE OF THIS.


It may be VERY HARD to stay focused on God as you may be greatly tempted to focus continually on your family situation. Cry out to God and ask Him to help you stay focused on Him. And when your focus falls away, repent and return your focus to Him and to the Bible and to His will for your life!

God has given YOU life on this earth for you to BE TOTALLY DEVOTED TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and to have a forever intimate personal relationship with God. Regardless of your family situation, please be sure Jesus is #1 in your heart and life and that you fulfill your purpose for Him on this earth and forevermore! Amen!

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