Wherever You Want Me


“I will love You, O Lord, my strength.
The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer;
My God, my strength, in whom I will trust;…” Psalm 18:1-2

Now that the Lord has given me my next two locations of being out on the road for Him and ministry for nearly two years now to do streets ministry and write and publish Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books with 5 special needs dogs in tow, there is only one obvious thing to do, right? Go ahead and find the perfect housing to satisfy my wishes, wants, and ways. Without any regard to the Lord. Of course that’s not the way of following Christ, so that wouldn’t be the right way to proceed, right?

So obviously the thing to do then is to pray to give regard to the Lord by praying to Him about everything I want in my next two locations regarding housing. Everything from neighborhood to neighbors, from type of house, apartment, or hotel to what’s on the same street, to how close ministry opportunities will be to how far I will be from my favorite stores to buy food and drugstore items, to pricing, and the list goes on. But giving regard to the Lord by simply praying for Him to provide what I want for my self-satisfaction is not the way to go either. Imagine my surprise when I found myself simply saying this to the Lord in my heart.

Wherever you want me.

Total surrender. Total trust. Total devotion. Total understanding. That Jesus Christ is forever Lord, that I am forever His, that my heart and life belong to Him, that my ministry work is for Him, that everything I do in life is an opportunity to live to love and glorify Him and to tell the world about Him.

There is nothing wrong with telling the Lord our desires. He already knows of course. He knows our hearts completely. But the reality is that some of us if we’re honest with ourselves are living when it comes to our locations with either no regard to the Lord at all, or with regard to the Lord simply in the sense of asking Him to give us what makes us happy and content. How many of us, I wonder, are living our lives in total surrender? Whereby we simply can say to the Lord:

Wherever you want me.

This is vastly new territory for me. I am one of the most selfish, self-centered humans I have ever known. I have lived for self for most of my life thus far. Living utterly for Christ is new. It’s also foreign in the context of the world and culture around me. Around us all. For we live in a me-centered world, don’t we?

What if when it comes to our wherever’s in life, we simply surrendered to Jesus? We simply said:

Wherever you want me.

And we not only prayed that, but we lived that. Willing to go wherever He sends us day by day. All in the context of living not for self, but for pleasing and loving Christ.

Wherever you want me.

I know the next two big locations where the Lord is sending me for ministry. But the details I know nothing about thus far. I do know this, however.

I belong to Jesus completely. And so do my wherever’s. And my whatever’s. And my however’s. And my for whomever’s. All for the Lord.

May you, and I, may we all, hand our wherever’s, our whatever’s, our however’s, and our whomever’s over to the Lord most high. To almighty God. Trusting His Spirit to lead and provide as He leads us forth – as He teaches us to walk by faith, to live by faith, to love by faith, to walk with Him, now, and through repentance and our lives devoted to Him, forever with Him! AMEN!

Wherever you want Lord!

Whatever you want Lord!

However you want Lord!

Whomever you want Lord!

May we live to love and bring glory to your name!

Your will be done! Your wherever, your whatever, your however, your whomever, your plan, your purpose, for your glory, hallelujah, glory to you Father, AMEN!

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