Why You Don’t Trust God

God keeps telling me to trust Him. If you don’t believe He’s telling me to trust Him, read the Bible. He’s constantly telling us to trust Him, right? So here is my question. Why am I not trusting God when I am so madly and passionately in love with Him, so dedicated to studying His Word, so immersed in the Body of Christ, so grateful for my new church and pastor, so blessed for my father in Christ Pastor Freddie, and so on fire to share the Gospel with the world? How could I possibly not trust God?

The answer is simple, according to God. According to me, the answer may be simple – but oh so hard. God keeps reminding me that I MUST focus on Him, and not on the world. But every time I focus on the world instead of Him, guess what. Fear. Distrust. Worry. Doubt. Unbelief. In other words, sin. How exactly does this happen? Simple, but the wrong kind of simple. I simply keep looking at the world around me, burying my thoughts in the circumstances, falling prey to getting consumed in situations, watching other people’s actions and wrongly judging them, and, voila, out the window goes my faith.

Given the state of the world, it is no wonder that watching it closely and carefully will bring on a mountain of fear. But just as much as being consumed with the world will bring on fear, keeping my eyes on God and His Word will increase my faith. In my case, it really boils down to a focusing issue. Why? I actually am an avid student of the Bible. I absolutely love, love, love, to study God’s Word. I also enjoy learning to apply it to my life, though like many I can fall short in this area if I am not diligent. So the real issue comes down to where I will choose to place my focus.

I have enough of God’s Word inside my heart and mind to focus on God if I so choose. But I also have enough of the world around me to distract me if I choose to allow myself to be distracted.

So why don’t I trust in God the way I should? Plain and simple. It’s all about my focus. Did you know it’s somewhat dizzying to be shifting my focus so often back and forth between the World and the Word? I would have thought by now I would have figured out that peace comes when I KEEP my focus on the Word. But the truth is that I’m not quite there yet – though I sure do hope I’m on my way.

How about you? Why don’t you trust God to the degree you should? Do you also struggle with focus? Or is it that you are not an avid student of His Word? Or are you not immersed in the Body of Christ? Do you have a church and pastor? Do you have an intimate relationship with the Lord? If you feel you are falling short in trusting the Lord, why not do an inventory with the Lord’s leading and find out where there is room for improvement. Then, ask yourself if you’re willing to make the necessary changes.

In my case, I can happily and gratefully say that I am willing to make the changes. I also know I will need a good amount of patience – for myself. Someone once said if you walk 10 miles into the woods, you have 10 miles to walk out. I have walked so far into the woods of living a life without trusting God that I have a nice, long distance to travel out. The good news is I will not travel it alone.

I walk hand in hand with the Lord. Yes, I am the type that needs a good bit of hand holding. And, thankfully, I’ve got the best hand in the whole wide world to hold. His.

“The fear of man brings a snare, But whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.” (Proverbs 29:25 NKJV)

“Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him.” (Proverbs 30:5 KJV)

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