Lara Love

I am a 100% Jewish TOTALLY DEVOTED follower of the Lord Jesus Christ once broken for decades beyond human hope & repair and now overflowing with love, hope, peace & joy on the road for Jesus with my special needs ministry dogs. A writer & evangelist, I write tracts, devotionals, & books and do streets & beach ministry. My life’s calling is to help people become & remain totally devoted followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

 I have been on the road since April 2017 when the Lord led me to sell my little house in coastal South Carolina, give away almost everything, and forsake all for Him. Good News Ministry (formerly Walk by Faith Ministry) is my ministry with which the Lord has blessedly and most graciously and wonderfully entrusted me.

My traveling companions are Jesus, my Bibles, my beloved special needs dogs, my laptop, my printing equipment, a few simple belongings, and my life’s calling to help people find and forever faithfully follow Jesus.

Broken Beyond Repair

If anyone was broken beyond human hope and repair, I was. Only by the grace of God am I alive today and do I have an international ministry. I am the last person I ever would have imagined would live and breathe to love and glorify the Lord and to tell the world about Him. You can read my personal story when you CLICK HERE.

My Heart for a Broken World 

While I have a heart for the broken, lost, hurting, hopeless, homeless, hungry, abused, abandoned, neglected, rejected, addicted, suicidal, dying, blind, deaf, forgotten, imprisoned, depressed, disabled, beaten down, crushed, bruised, and wounded, and others in dire need, in all truth I have a heart burdened for all of humanity. We are all in need, after all. For we are nothing and forever lost without God, and the only way to be brought to forever fellowship with God is in and through Christ Jesus who is Lord.

My spirit weeps over the dire straits of this world and for people worldwide who so desperately need the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. I pray exceedingly for individuals, for whole groups of people, for friends and strangers, for lost souls, for the hurting and hungry, for people everywhere, for people in extreme circumstances, for people far and near, all precious to me in my heart whether I know them personally or perhaps never will.

Desperate to Love

I am not only desperate to pray. I am desperate to love. And I am not only desperate to love. I am desperate to serve. And this is exactly what I do passionately and persistently as I relentlessly pursue the Lord and His calling on my life. I go where the Lord sends me to do what He calls me to do to say what He calls me to say and to write what He calls me to write to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ and to help and encourage people to follow Jesus now and forever.

Forsaking All for Jesus 

I have no social life. No entertainment life. I am single on purpose to be available to the maximum to Jesus and people in need of hearing about Him and of help in following Him.

I live an exceedingly simple life on an enormously economical budget unencumbered by the burdens of the earthly pleasures and treasures of this life and have by God’s grace in God’s strength for God’s glory forsaken all for Christ and for a world in dire need of hearing about Jesus and of learning how to diligently, devotedly, and unabashedly, unashamedly, and humbly live for Jesus now and forevermore!

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