finding the light gospel tracts photo

my main Gospel tract including my miraculous personal story & the Gospel message

I am so very blessed that my free pocket-sized Gospel tracts, devotionals, and lara love’s Good News Magazine are distributed around the United States to street preachers, via my own streets ministry work as I am on the road for Jesus full-time, homeless shelters, jails, rescue missions, prisons including death row, a Christian pregnancy center, a Christian medical center, individuals led to distribute them, out of the United States to other countries when Christ’s followers travel abroad, and to whomever and wherever the Lord desires with an ever-growing distribution list!

I am so thankful to my loving, faithful helpers who print, assemble, and ship the booklets out of their homes in different parts of the United States even as I do some of the same out of my hotel rooms where I stay. Others step in at times as well to help, and yet I am still ever in need of more help as the Lord continues to grow the ministry!

Please contact me at 843-338-2219 or to learn more about receiving and distributing them, about helping with printing, production, and shipping, and if you are led to become a Monthly Sponsor to help finance the booklets &/or to the ministry as a whole!

Please learn about and order my books when you CLICK HERE, and please learn about and order my lara love’s Good News Magazine for distribution when you CLICK HERE.