24-7 for Christ


   “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Cor. 10:31

    If you look carefully at 24 hours of your life, what would you see? What about 7 days? One month? A year? This moment? I heard of an author who wrote a book about living one year according to God’s ways. Wouldn’t it be something to look back at a year of our lives and see how we lived? Or dedicate the next year totally to Christ? Technically, our whole lives are to be dedicated to Him. But are they really? Are we really? Instead of looking at our whole lives, or a year, the past one or committing to the next, or to a month or week, what if we look at this 24 hours? If we examine our minds, hearts, thoughts, feelings, decisions, actions, calendars, appointments, agendas, commitments, obligations, interests, desires, passions, surroundings, choices, habits, hobbies, hopes, relationships, jobs, beds,  bedrooms, sleeping bags, tents, dinner plates, cups, free time, work, pocketbooks, dresser drawers, backpacks, prison cells, bookshelves, grocery shopping carts, televisions, computers, calendars, radios, magazines, tickets, purchases, endeavors, classes, telephone calls, projects, and to-do lists, in this 24 hours, what do we see?

Are we too busy doing what we’re not supposed to be doing to do what we’re supposed to be doing? How are we spending this 24 hours? With God and His will? Are we living and breathing for the Lord Jesus Christ?

One day we will stand before the Lord and give an account of our lives. That is not some outlandish notion. It is Truth. God’s Truth. Every moment matters. Every moment is a moment we can be living for Christ. Every 24 hours is an opportunity to follow God. To live to love, revere, honor, adore, praise, worship, serve, fellowship with, bow down to, humble ourselves before, yield to, magnify, grow in the image of, please, and glorify God.

Is this what we’re doing? Living for God? Or, at best are we simply sandwiching Him in to little pockets of time, Sunday at church, morning prayers, Bible study, bedtime prayers, a little serving God here and a little serving Him there? Are we spending time with the Lord daily, in His Word, seeking His will, growing in His image, yielding to His Spirit as He transforms us, filling our years, our months, weeks, days, hours, and moments, moment by moment, even this one, with a passion, a yearning, a hunger, to bring Him honor, praise, joy, to enjoy fellowship with Him, to be in His presence?

The more I aspire to this, the more I live for Him, and breathe for Him, the more in awe I am, the more blown away I am, the more astounded I am, the more I marvel at His beauty, His holiness, His righteousness, His loveliness, His majesty, His magnificence, His glory, and His love, oh, His unfathomable love, the more I am consumed with love for Him, with adoration, with excitement, with thirst for more of His Spirit, more of His mercy and Truth, more intimacy with Him, more being in His presence, more serving Him, more telling the world about Him, more thankful for His promise of eternity with Him through Christ, the more I desire that others would throw themselves at His feet crying out for mercy, repenting and surrendering their lives to Him, wholly, fully, totally, oh, to know His love, oh, to spend forever and ever, this 24 hours and all the ones to come forever, with the Lord of Lord, King of Kings, with God through the Lord Jesus Christ, hallelujah, amen!

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