What is it with us humans that we tend to make such a big deal about our sacrifices? Four of Walk by Faith Ministry’s very special formerly homeless doggies have been making a mighty big sacrifice these past few days amid the 100 degree weather with a heat index of 105.

Mr. Shnookles got a haircut to help him out in the heat….!

Despite their brand new air conditioner in their very own building with their very own fenced yard full of fun and adventure, funny-looking Mr. Shnookles, three-legged Traveler, Esther the hunting dog, and Abigail the wannabe lab-mix bird dog are “sweating it out”. If you’re wondering why I won’t put my little finger on the ON button and get the new AC running, I can give you the answer in one single word. Sacrifice.

Angel taking a break from her nest.

The doggies are sacrificing their comfort right now because of one of Walk by Faith Ministry’s newest additions – Miss Angel. Miss Angel? Yep. You heard me. And she doesn’t have four legs, or three, or two, nor does she have a wagging tail. Miss Angel is the BIRD who had the audacity to MOVE IN to the doggie building with her NEST and her EGGS. Every day without fail, she flies in and out of the window to sit upon her little eggs in the nest that she built in the corner of a SHEET I had used for extra insulation.

Angel is so accustomed to the dogs now, and so accustomed to my visits to the doggie building, that she perches comfortably on her little eggs and peers at me with her little eyes when I step up on a chair to peek inside her nest to see if she is “at home”. She seems to have a daily schedule, and believe it or not returns on time pretty much every night for my final visit of the day to say goodnight to everybody.

Angel’s nest – and eggs!

How four dogs, including a hunting dog and a wannabe bird dog, are that gracious to this bird and her family-to-be is beyond me. Not only are they gracious. They are sacrificing their comfort. For if I were to shut the window to turn on the AC, guess what. Yep. Angel would crash into the window, and babies-to-be could lose their mommie.

Do you know what strikes me about their sacrifice. In the grand scheme of things, as we all know, the dogs are not really aware of their sacrifice. They might be aware of the heat, but they’re probably not aware of the bigger picture. But that’s just it. The dogs are PERFECTLY happy despite what they are giving up.

Whereas we humans tend to focus on what we are sacrificing instead of fully enjoying our day-to-day lives. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I give something up I tend to feel the loss. I tend to focus – at least a bit, if not a lot – on what I no longer have. Of what I had to give up. Of how I no longer have whatever it is. Poor me, poor me!

The dogs? They are perfectly content. They don’t concern themselves with what they don’t have. They are happy and joyful for what they do have.

The more I have learned to focus on being thankful for what I have rather than whining over what I have not, the more blessed I have realized I am. And the more I have learned to enjoy my day-to-day life.

p.s. If you’re a dog lover and are concerned about the heat, rest assured the doggie – and bird – building is equipped with plenty of shade, an industrial fan, and plenty of drinking water – not to mention LOVE!

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