A Frog’s Paralyzed Paws for a Palace

Some days are easier than others, and some days are harder. But when my heart is open to the Lord, He always manages to pour out a big bright and beautiful bouquet of blessings – including laughs, smiles, and all sorts of silly and lighthearted reminders that I must never allow life’s hardships to keep me from enjoying life from the light and bright and laughable side of things. Such was the case when I glanced down some time ago at the precious paws of paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon as they projected out from his doggie wheelchair. Who would have believed it? I just had to snap a photo. Who could resist? The frog could not have been more perfectly at peace upon his paws for a palace. Of course, Mr. Simeon, with his paralyzed body, was equally at peace. Why is it we humans cannot get along so well?

Little Frog Seated Atop Mr. Simeon’s Paralyzed Paw…..!!

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