A Lesson in Love and Trust

Right in the midst of celebrating Freckles’ adoption to his awesome new family, I received an equally awesome – and hard – lesson in love and trust. The family and I mutually agreed the adoption would not work out due to an unfortunate and unforeseen series of events. Just as quickly as I had thanked God for the adoption, I had to choose to trust Him when the family and I were deeply disappointed that Freckles would be returned to Walk by Faith Ministry. The lessons?

First, God’s love never fails even when we do not get what we want (1 Cor. 13:8 KJV). Second, I am blessed and privileged to come across people whose love goes to extremes. The family that adopted Freckles chose to act with extreme love through their disappointment. Despite having fallen head over heels in love with Freckles and facing the loss of him shortly after losing their longtime family pet, they demonstrated sheer love from start to finish of making the difficult decision to return him. They loved one another as we are called to do, they continued to love Freckles as we are called to care for God’s Creation, and they showed the utmost love and respect to me and Walk by Faith Ministry. At a time where stress and loss gave them the opportunity to be unloving, they chose the exact opposite. They were not moved by their circumstances to do anything other than love and give.

How about the lesson in trust? Walk by Faith Ministry has had only about two adoptions in the past year, and now Freckles is on his way back. How can I trust God to guide me in adopting out these dogs when I have seen almost no adoptions in such a long time? I have prayed my heart out, others have prayed, I have been obedient as best I can, I have listened carefully for God’s instructions and now look. I have just lost one of the only adoptions we have had! But looking is the problem, not the answer! Looking at my circumstances has nothing to do with trusting God. Trusting God is about looking to Him, looking to His Word, and walking by faith.

Shortly after I learned of Freckles’ return, in the thick of my whining and complaining (which the Lord recently  convicted me must go from my heart and my actions!) the Lord reminded me of a vital scripture.

Pro 3:5  “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 
Pro 3:6  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

The bottom line is that I do not understand why this happened. I do not understand why we have had so few adoptions in the past year. But I do know this. God is not asking me to understand. He is asking me to do two very simple things.

He wants me to love Him and my neighbor, and He wants me to trust Him. Today, as I take the long drive to pick up Freckles I will have a wonderful opportunity to remember to do just that. And, in the midst of loving and trusting Him, I have an equally beautiful opportunity to praise Him.

I love you Lord!

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  1. One year ago today you brought Truman to our home to officially become part of our family. My kids got off the bus just as excited today to see him as they were one year ago. They have been looking forward to his ‘birthday,’ and we will be celebrating the occassion tonight with hot dogs (one for Truman, too, as a special treat) and an ice cream cake (a special dog treat for the birthday pooch). I often sit with this sweet dog and cannot believe that TWO different families gave him up. He is a love. Then I remind myself that if they hadn’t… and if YOU hadn’t been there for him… he wouldn’t be here in our family today. So keep the faith, Lara. You are a blessing to these dogs and their families, and it is all part of God’s plan.

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