A Life-Changing Question

“Do you ever ask yourself if what you’re doing is pleasing to God?” I asked a loved one. “Do you think about this when you choose a radio station, or turn on the television or read a book, or do anything at all?” My loved one’s response was defensive, and I was not surprised. After all, as he confessed a few minutes later, my question was convicting. And so it is – for all of us who will truly consider it.

Do you ever ask yourself if what you’re doing is pleasing to God? Now I’m asking you this question. It’s a life-changing question, isn’t it? How can we call Jesus Lord if we do not treat Him as such? How many of us are picking and choosing what portions of our lives should be submitted to God? If we really believe Jesus is Lord, wouldn’t we do our best to submit all of our lives to God, from the big stuff to the little stuff?

Yet how many of us call Jesus Lord on Sundays and say our prayers for our loved ones and for the stuff that we need and want, yet don’t think twice about having sex outside of marriage, lying to our loved ones, hating our neighbors, spending all our money on ourselves, indulging in pornography with every excuse imaginable, engaging in constant gossip, refusing to get help for our addictions, choosing not to obey God when we know full well what He has told us, watching filth on television as though God is in the other room, keeping our Bibles firmly shut if we even have one, and countless other things?

I am deeply afraid that countless people think they’re going to heaven because they profess Jesus as Lord and believe He died on the cross without living their lives like He is Lord and learning to leave their wickedness behind. Though we cannot earn God’s forgiveness and salvation and the promise of eternity by our own works, I believe with all my heart that those who are truly saved don’t just call Jesus Lord, but live their lives as though He is – with a commitment to living their lives to please the Lord and to bring glory to His name, with good works as a result of their true faith.

Do you ever ask yourself is what you’re doing is pleasing to God? 

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

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