Blessings from the Lord come in all sorts of shapes, packages, surprises, wrappings, boxes, ways, means, sizes, colors, types, and more – and families! The Lord sent a very special family from Pennsylvania this past weekend to bless me and Walk by Faith Ministry.

The Corey family, who had fostered paralyzed Miss Molly before they handed her off to Walk by Faith Ministry some time ago, drove ALL the way down from PA to pick up Lollypops the doggie to foster & to take a little vacation. What a special family with a heart for the Lord – and plenty of energy, giggles, and joy. Mom might say a few challenges come along with family life, and Dad might say it’s a bit challenging with a house full of girls and girl dogs, but their hearts and smiles are evidence enough that the Lord reigns in this family.

I thank God that He sent this family into my life – and heart!

Please visit Walk by Faith Ministry at https://www.walkbyfaithministry.com.

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