A Vision from the Lord

The Lord gave me a vision this morning, and I believe it is not just for me. I had a strong sense I needed to not go forward in the day until I heard clearly from Him as to how He wanted to lead me. So I chose to wait on Him to see what He had to say. The vision He gave me spoke loud and clear.

I saw railroad tracks, specifically the exact section of the tracks where there is a switchover, a crossover, a change in direction. All I saw was where a train switches to a new direction. I immediately thought the Lord was telling me to switch tracks and begin something new. But I waited for the Holy Spirit to give me the interpretation of the vision, and again He spoke loud and clear. I thank God I waited and did not interpret the vision with my human understanding.

The Lord told me the devil is trying to take me off track, and that I need to stay focused on what the Lord wants me to do. Rather than to switch over to a new track, I need to stay on track and not be moved by the devil off the course the Lord has set before me. Within the next half hour, the Lord showed me more.

I had woken this morning with fear and anger, specifically regarding finances. Aside from emergency savings, this past week I had less than $4 in my checking account along with a very small amount of cash. This morning, I checked the Walk by Faith Ministry account and realized there is not enough money there to meet this week’s expenses which include rent due me. I responded to this by considering once again if I should go and get “another job”.

All of this comes at a time the Lord is calling me to continue directing the ministry, begin writing my next book, proceed with writing online, and care for the ministry’s 15 dogs. While I actually do have the physical time to get a part-time job, I do not want to do so unless I know it is the Lord’s will.

Today’s vision was a strong reminder of how hard the enemy has worked to get me off track – specifically through fear and worry. So how would I hearken to the words of the Lord given the current financial state of both myself and the ministry? I waited on God for further instruction.

Again, His direction came loud and clear. He told me to pay the rent due today, tithe to my church, and TRUST HIM.

I truly am at the place where the train tracks cross over. But I have no concern as to which way I will choose to go. I will go the way of the Lord. I will trust Him. I will pay the rent and tithe to the church. I will believe His Word that He is my provider, and He is the ministry’s provider. I am excited to see what He will do through my act of obedience.

Are you standing where the train tracks cross over? Are you wondering which way to go? Is the devil trying to throw you off track through fear or anything else? Do you know which way to go? Have you asked the Lord? Have you waited on Him for an answer? Have you chosen to obey?

Isa 55:2 “Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labour for that which satisfieth not? hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness.”

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  1. Dear sister in Jesus – I believe with all my heart you will be rewarded for you faith, trust, and obedience. Congratulations on your book, by the way. Sandy

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