Angel in the Wheelchair


“Thou shalt fear the LORD thy God; him shalt thou serve, and to him shalt thou cleave, and swear by his name.” Deut. 10:20

Angels don’t always have wings – in my experience anyway. Somehow lots of us humans decided all angels fly in the sky like airplanes and have great big, magnificent wings that whir in the wind and drop down bouquets of blessings from above. Strong’s concordance says the Hebrew and Greek words translated into angel also can be described as “messenger”. If angels are messengers from God, in my experience they don’t always fly around with wings to deliver their messages. Sometimes they fly around in wheelchairs, and sometimes the message they deliver is the same one they need to hear. Like this one.

When an 80-year-old woman from far, far away called me one day to introduce herself, telling me she had no idea how she ended up receiving my Daily Inspiration but that a pastor friend who didn’t know me either encouraged her to call me, she said she had a long history in ministry and that she would LOVE to help me in ministry. But, she said somewhat dejectedly, she had a problem resulting in what she had determined was her now predominantly inability to serve the Lord. She was now bound to a wheelchair. Oh, indeed what “bondage” she was in! And herein lay the message we all need to hear. Including the angel in the wheelchair herself.

God doesn’t need perfect humans in perfect circumstances with perfect lives and bodies to love, worship, adore, honor, and serve Him forever through faith in and lives devoted to Christ. He needs humans yielded to His perfect love, His perfect holiness, His perfect righteousness, His perfect glory, His perfect sovereignty, His perfect plan and purpose, His perfect grace and mercy, His perfect Truth of His Word, His perfect Son Jesus the Christ, so that He in His utter perfection might through us as His surrendered vessels pour out His almighty love and Gospel message! We in our imperfect human flesh with our imperfect human eyes limit not only ourselves but most importantly limit God and what He desires to do in and through us when we focus on what the world perceives as impossible, limiting, trying, uncomfortable, different, unique, etc. circumstances like being “bound” to a wheelchair. This angel in the wheelchair wasn’t in bondage to her wheelchair. She was in bondage to the false belief she couldn’t love and serve God to the utmost because she was staring at what humans call a “disability” instead of staring at the Lord, His majesty, and what He wanted to do in and through her as His daughter and servant who loves Him exceedingly.

   Hear the message inspired by the angel in the wheelchair; stop staring at your circumstances and yield your heart and life to the Lord that He might use you however He desires to glorify Him!

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